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Arrow Exclusive Gives Fans a Glimpse of the Consequences from the Season Five Finale


Arrow Exclusive Gives Fans a Glimpse of the Consequences from the Season Five Finale

“You live in two different worlds. You can only do that for so long.”

Fans at SDCC got a reminder of the events leading up to the season five finale. If that wasn’t enough, we were also given a little teaser for what’s coming. Not only are we going to see Oliver in his role as a father, but we are going to see him struggle with it. Especially with William thinking that the evil one is Oliver. Ouch.

Another nice little surprise is that Slade will be returning at least a few times for season six. And was that a handshake between him and Oliver we saw?! Yes. Yes it was. We got to see them in a massive team up at the end of season five, could another team up be in our future? We sure hope so!

It’s no longer just a rumor! Michael Emerson will be joining the Arrow cast in the upcoming season! And yes, we are talking about the one from Lost and Persons of Interest. The only question now is which side of the field he will be playing. He’ll be a recurring star along with fan favorite, David Nykl who plays Anatoly Knyazev.

For the Olicity fans, Stephen Amell revealed that Oliver and Felicity will be in a very good place and that William will be with them. That is, if Felicity survived the explosion of Lian Yu.

Stephen Amell also revealed that he couldn’t be more excited for Michael Emerson to join the cast.

“What?! Michael Emerson is on the show? I’m sorry. I got to go.”

The cast also spoke about the flashbacks that will be coming in season six.

“There will be character specific flashbacks. There will be a Slade Wilson flashback story.”

The Arrow cast made sure to let us know that they haven’t forgotten about Vigilante.

“Vigilante is back and we can expect the face under the mask to be familiar.”

Arrowheads, our cast did NOT fail this panel or this year’s San Diego Comic Con! You can check out the new trailer and images from the convention below!


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ARROW returns THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12th at 9/c on THE CW.


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