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Earpers, Make Your Peace: It’s Giveaway Time!

Don’t think we’re just teasing you with a plastic model of Peacemaker. Now, who wants to go to San Diego Comic Con? Yes?

Here’s what’s up: Hello Nerdeek is what’s up.

We’re here to assist IDW Publishing into giving dedicated Earpers a prize of a lifetime. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s why this is happening.

Firstly, you have are a brilliantly funny, tight, cohesive fandom.

Secondly, this is for charity. Let us introduce Travelling Stories. We know you all love the comics of Beau Smith Ranch’s genius. And there’ll be kids out there who will learn to love reading, too. Travelling Stories is a charity based in San Diego that “helps kids fall in love with reading by fourth grade”.

Travelling Stories is aiming for an ambitious $30,000 in donations. But if the target isn’t reached, they’ll split the cash with the grand prize winner.

But let’s weld us Earpers together and grab that 30K for a good cause!

So you know why you Earpers are in for a hell of a prize…but what is it?


Hold onto your Stetsons or a top-shelf ass, Earpers, because you’re gonna be whizzing off to San Diego Comic Con 2017!

That’s right, Earpers! IDW Publishing are giving you the perfect opportunity for a massive fan and a friend to whiz off to San Diego and experience the conventions of all conventions. IDW Publishing has teamed up with Travelling Stories in order to raise money for a good cause as well as give you a rollicking good time.

Hello Nerdeek has the low-down when it comes to all things geeky–conventions, comics, cosplays, gaming–you name it. And we’re supporting this cause for you, our fellow geeks.

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Imagine partying with the cast at comic con, and being beat-out by Melanie Scrofano’s top-shelf ass. (Nicole Haught’s words…not mine). Knock a mocktail back with chirpy Dominique Provost-Chalkley. Gaze lovingly at Tim Rozon’s moustache. Wrap Shamier Anderson in a muscle-crushing hug. Signal for Katherine Barrell to pick your jaw up from the floor when you see her. Offer your first-born to Emily Andras and Beau Smith Ranch.

We’re not exaggerating. This is actually that awesome.

Do you want the details? Yeah, you want the details.


Read the small-print, everyone. Just this once.

The sweepstakes will take place via the platform TapKat. Mark these details down: the competition will run until 11am on June 14th. This is an international competition and you can become an entree by chipping in at least $10 for this brilliant cause.

The full, grand prize includes this:

  • Round trip airfare for 2 within the continental United States
  • Hotel accommodations for 2
  • 2 four-day passes to San Diego Comic-Con
  • 2 tickets to the Wynonna Earp Cast Party
  • Meet-n-Greet with Kevin Eastman, the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • A collection of comic books curated by IDW’s CEO & Publisher, Ted Adams.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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To learn more and to enter the sweepstakes, or text SDCC17 to 51555.

Last year we asked your questions for you at TV After Dark. We’ll do it again this year. But this year, two lucky Earpers are going to be partying it up at the cast party as well courtesy of IDW Publishing. Let’s get the money rolling for charity–and let’s get two of you lucky Earpers to San Diego Comic Con. Please tell us you plan on body-shots off Emily Andras.

Do give us a follow at our sister sites @hellonerdeek and @TVAfterDark, because as ‘Wynonna Earp’ demonstrates so well, sisterhood is awesome.

For further details, check Hello Nerdeek out–where nerd and geek collide and births you beautiful prizes like this!

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