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5 Guests Appearances We’re Looking Forward to for Albuquerque Comic Con 2017

New Mexico convention draws audiences with diverse panel of guests

It is the beginning of 2017, and with it comes a year of exciting comic conventions to attend.  Across the country, various cities are doing their best to attract visitors, and Albuquerque Comic Con is no exception.  Not wanting to deprive any potential fans of a chance to meet and listen to their favorites, ACC has brought together an interesting group of guests that is sure to please their convention goers. Although this is not one that is in my books for the year, here are five guests I would have loved to meet!

Ralph Macchio

The Karate Kid.  No other words needed.  Okay, fine.  Although everyone should know he played the title role of Daniel LaRusso (that’s Daniel-sun to you) in The Karate Kid movies, he also starred as Eugene Martone in Crossroads, Bill Gambini in My Cousin Vinny, and Johnny Cade in The Outsiders.  If that doesn’t ring a bell, he also competed for a shiny ball on the twelfth season of Dancing With The Stars.  No, he didn’t win, but he sure gave it his all.

Garrett Wang

I am a Trekkie.  As such, I will always be excited to meet someone who played a main character on any Star Trek series, and even more so because he’s one of the few Asian actors that were in Hollywood.  He might have played Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager, but it’s his off-screen work with various conventions that has garnered him recognition.  He is often the celebrity moderator or interviewer for panels, and per ACC, a “brilliant stand-up comedian” to boot!

Ming Chen

Here’s the thing.  I don’t read comics, and I know very little about them, so why pick Ming as one of my featured 5?  He’s an all around great guy and completely down to Earth, that’s why!  I had a chance to spend time with him when he came through Houston the last couple of years, and he is always gracious, welcoming, and hilarious!  His work on AMC’s Comic Book Men as the “Asian one” is fun to watch, and until you’ve seen one of his panels with Michael Rooker, you haven’t lived.  Also, if you’re lucky you might spot a certain Doctor BaconLady at the con (she’s the one dressed like bacon)!

Tom Sizemore

Besides the fact that he’s been in a number of small movies (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Wyatt Earp, Heat, and Natural Born Killers, to name a few), he’s not someone you typically see on the convention circuit.  Although he’s spent more time on reality TV lately, his talent is undeniable.

Shannon Purser

If you haven’t heard of Netflix’s Stranger Things, you must have been living under a rock.  Shannon plays Barb on the hit original series, and along with the rest of cast, has talent to spare and plenty of time to create a memorable career.


Well, now you’ve heard about my 5 guests…do you agree?  Who are you most excited to see?


Albuquerque Comic Con is happening January 13,15, 2017.  Tickets can be purchased here.

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