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Freeform’s Siren makes a splash indeed at NYCC 2017

“She’s not just badass and not just a damsel in distress…she has all the shades.”

With its two hit series Shadowhunters and Beyond gearing up for new seasons, Freeform added another tantalizing show to the mix – Siren! We’ve seen short trailers and heard a few tidbits so far already, but for NYCC 2017, the cast members and EPs decided to come tell us about Siren themselves!

Siren takes us inside Bristol Cove, a coastal town known for its legend of once being home to mermaids. Ben is a bright marine biologist from one of the oldest families in town, but the legacy is a burden rather than a boon. He finds himself drawn to a mysterious new girl named Ryn, who harbors a deep dark secret. With her arrival, the folklore turns into truth, and it leads into an epic battle between man and sea as the mermaids begin to reclaim their right to the ocean.

The show gave us an exclusive first look at the series, letting the audience screen the first episode in its entirety. Afterwards, cast members Eline Powell, Alex Roe, Fola Evans-Akingbola, Ian Verdun and executive producers Emily Whitesell and Eric Wald participated in a Q&A panel moderated by Refinery29‘s Ariana Romero.

Siren NYCC 2017 Panel

As with any new show, getting to know one another is crucial to bringing the relationships between characters to life. Alex gives us a hint on how to bond, saying

“For any group trying to get to know each other, I recommend playing Monopoly.”

Executive producers Emily and Eric were just as excited about the fact that their mermaid tails are going to be digitally completed by the same FX team that did the Game of Thrones dragons! They also commented that

“We have an interesting design for the mermaid, and the merman is also very unique.”

While the story and the actors are a big part of what makes this show so unique, Eric and Emily also addressed the importance of music in Siren. We were able to catch a sneak peek at Ryn’s siren song, and they state

“The siren song is going to be used in many different ways.”

Siren NYCC 2017 Panel

As for the mermaid at the center of this story, Ryn, Fola commends the show and reports

“She’s not just badass and not just a damsel in distress…she has all the shades.”

Ian agreed, stating that

“You don’t have to put a woman in danger to show her power and that she’s equal.”

Siren NYCC 2017 Panel

He also talked about the casting of persons of color and the international group on stage. After telling us about how he struggled to relate to characters on television when he was young, he reported

“As a performer, as a fan, we can be part of the fun and the danger and break the mold.’’

The highlight of the panel (other than the entire first episode, of course) was when a man came up to the mic and revealed himself to be Eline’s father. He and his wife had flown in from Europe to surprise their daughter, prompting aws all around from us! He did go on to ask a very scientific question, to which Eline revealed her own brainy side by giving us examples of their conversations at home!

It’s still going to be a little while before we get a chance to watch the first season of Siren, but this definitely has us chomping at the bits! For now, check out our cast interviews with Eline, Alex, and Fola, along with EPs Eric and Emily for more!


Don’t worry though! HelloNerdeek and TVAfterDark has even more coverage of your favorite shows and cast members at NYCC 2017!


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