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NYCC: Salem cast weaves its magic on NYCC fans as they dish out Season 3 news


NYCC: Salem cast weaves its magic on NYCC fans as they dish out Season 3 news


The cast of Salem shares exciting secrets about its junior season, surprise casting news and their guilty pleasures at NYCC.

Salem has been a sleeper hit for WGN America, both on television and for online streaming. The series has gathered quite a following in the last two seasons and didn't disappoint in the teases for the next season they brought to share with those fans. Janet Montgomery promises a "very different side of Mary" after she comes back from the dead. She isn't necessarily happy that she is brought back from the dead and has no problems voicing that opinion. Marilyn Manson, who provided the song that would become the series theme, has been cast as a season three newcomer and will be playing a character that fans are promised to love…or love to hate. But most importantly, the cast and creators made sure to divulge to fans how important it is to watch the show when it airs on television. Although the series has band together quite a cult following thanks to Netflix (I'm sure I'm not the only one that has Salem on my 'Top Picks' column), what the series really needs is ratings to survive. All the good reviews and praises will do nothing if it can't attract viewers. So go watch, binge, and make your friends do the same.

Read the full story on the panel and a breakdown of all the Season 3 secrets here!

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