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“Blood of my Blood” brings Jamie’s blood to his front door

Outlander Jamie William

“Blood of my Blood” gave us Daddy Jamie, and our Outlander roundtable wasn’t complaining (mostly)

It’s always a fun day on Fraser’s Ridge when we get visitors! This week’s visitor is Lord John Grey (David Berry). And Jamie (Sam Heughan) is happy to see him especially since he knows John Grey is taking care of his son. Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is slightly less enthusiastic for obvious reasons. Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) isn’t incredibly excited either especially since Lord John spends the better part of an awkward dinner party shilling for Governor Tryon who Murtagh basically hates. But hey at least Jamie and Lord John get to play chess, right?

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In a tense moment William recognizes Jamie. But he’s just lost his mother and so other than some teenage sullenness he simply accepts Jamie as his old groom. After their short visit Lord John and William prepare to leave but Lord John’s measles put a stop to that. Claire is left to play doctor while Jamie and William spend some father son bonding time. Lord John and Claire don’t waste the opportunity to air all of their grievances and match wits. In the meantime Jamie spends a lot of time trying to get William to stop being a typical teen. Luckily he wears him down and they have a real connection.

Things get tense when William disobeys Jamie and catches a fish in the Cherokee’s river. The Cherokee want blood and Jamie tries to take the punishment for William, claiming him as his son. But William tells the “truth” and he’s spared. Lord John and William leave, leaving Claire and Jamie to a romantic bath, some Catullus, and a new (old?) silver ring!

Let’s see what our roundtable had to say!

Radha (@BaaderLander) – I watch Jamie and Claire for the articles. Talk Outlander to me on Twitter! 

Carole (@cbraunnj) – Costumer, teacher, admin for Outlander Forever. She makes use of her excessive tv watching by being an obsessive knitter.

Connie (@Yr_Obt_Svt) – I’m a native Texan transplanted since 2008 to Costa Rica where I have expanded my efforts to find or convert people to appreciate all things Gabaldonian, both English speakers and non.   Although my home is now Costa Rica, I continue to be one of three admins who run “Texas Outlander Fans” on Facebook.  You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can never take Texas out of the girl!

Ginger (@bookishginge) – Cohost, The Outlander Podcast.

Maggie (@mrhvillaLoves books, travel, music and food.

 Outlander Jamie Lord John Grey

1. It’s great to see David Berry again as Lord John Grey. It’s clear he’s coming to see Jamie for a variety of reasons. What do you think about them and their obviously complicated relationship in this episode?

Radha (@BaaderLander) – I think Jamie and LJG’s personal relationship is quite stable by now. They have a specific history and a strong friendship with a high degree of trust. Plus, as we learn, a healthy correspondence! I’m sure both know very well why LJG has arrived at Fraser’s Ridge, William in tow, such that Claire’s barb that LJG selfishly came to see Jamie didn’t land quite as she expected it might. But they’re not as frank with each other politically, and Jamie failed to confide in him about Brianna. 

Carole (@cbraunnj) – A big welcome back to LJG! It’s good to see him again. Yes, they do have a complicated relationship, with Willie, sorry – William, caught between them. Yes, William has two fathers, both of who love him very much. John definitely wanted to show William to Jamie, but to also torture himself a bit by being around the man he can’t have.

Connie (@Yr_Obt_Svt) – After the title card Easter egg for book readers (thank you, Matt Roberts!), this episode got down to plot right out of the gate, with Lord John arriving on Fraser’s Ridge all bundled up in an elegant coat and tricorn as our manly hero is hard at work in just his shirt and breeches. I would think that sight would have warmed the cockles of LJG’s… heart.   These friends are obviously delighted to be in each other’s company again but LJG also gets a few moments of just-Jamie-and-me time as they go into the cabin so John can ‘splain just what he’s doing there and meanwhile WHERE’S WILLIE – you left him down by the creek??  Call CPS!

Some friends are so close that you can pick back up where you left off despite separation of time or distance.  John has the opportunity to share what’s going on in his life with one of the only humans in the world who has a deep knowledge and understanding of his history.  What a relief that must have been for John!  Jamie is well aware of the nature of John’s marriage to Isobel and he is the one person on the planet who can appreciate what the loss means both to John and to Willie.  Excuse me…William.

John has complex reasons for visiting, both so he can feast his eyes on Jamie but also so Jamie can feast his heart on seeing the beloved son he cannot openly proclaim as his.  Mixed selfish and altruistic motives can nevertheless yield great blessings.  John can be himself with Jamie and what a wonderful relief it must be for him to spend time with his friend who kens more about him than even his (John’s) own brother.

Ginger (@bookishginge) – But as far as LJG and Jamie, they seemed to pick up right where they’d left off. (Note the placement of armchairs, next to each other, at an angle, in front of the fire, LJG on the left, Jamie on the right, JUST as in Ardsmuir when Jamie had visited LJG’s quarters.) Jamie definitely got to spend time with his son, and he’s grateful to LJG for raising him. Enter the new dynamic of Murtagh. The Regulator and tax talk definitely gave the story some new blood/drama, which is always welcome. And Jamie, MUCH earlier than in the books, I believe, is having to choose sides. For now, he can survive by staying out of it. But the show is doing a great job with the ever-present backstory of the revolution-wary British and the revolution-ready American colonists. This, at some point, will cause a fissure in the relationship between LJG and Jamie. Good job on production for keeping this present in some way in each episode thus far.

Maggie (@mrhvilla– Lordy John Grey!! David Berry is perfect. For all his supposed good intention of letting Jamie see his son, deep down it was to see Jamie (and maybe hoping Claire would not be there). I’m happy they kept most of the dialogue from the book between Jamie, LJG and Claire. Jamie was happy to see his friend again but mostly his son and was also aware of not “pushing” his son onto Claire to make her feel jealous. Claire was Claire: First a healer. It did not matter who the patient was even when it was William or Lord John.

 Outlander Claire

2. Claire doesn’t  seem impressed by Lord John’s and William’s sudden appearance. What do you think was going through her mind at seeing them and realizing she’d met Jamie’s son?

Radha (@BaaderLander) – Handily, Claire tells us what she’s thinking later in the episode when she wonders why LJG would risk William guessing at his true parentage by putting Jamie right before his eyes. Wisely, the show took pains to frame William’s arrival not through Claire’s eyes but through Jamie’s, which he couldn’t tear away from his son. William’s existence has never felt as much of a threat to show Claire as it has to book Claire, who drew a stronger parallel between William and Brianna. 

Carole (@cbraunnj) – Claire’s thinking, “Of all the backwoods places in the colonies, you had to stumble into mine.” Claire is secure in her relationship with Jamie, but she really doesn’t need to have his unrecognized son and Mr Unrequited Love hanging around.

Connie (@Yr_Obt_Svt) – Meanwhile, down at the creek…Murtagh is helping Claire carry some buckets of water and I’m reminded of how important it is to always take a Murtagh.  The band’s back together and it DOES feel like home and family with him there on Fraser’s Ridge, but he’s got to get back to his forge and his rebellion-fomenting.  Their discussion is interrupted by a screech from the creek and we meet Master Willie…er, William, legs covered with leeches.

About the leeches – I don’t know what TV production department is in charge of leech creation, but obviously they have come a long way since the failed effort to have believable looking leeches for Mrs. Fitz to use in Castle Leoch (after Jamie’s beat down taking Leghair’s punishment).  I’ve never actually seen a leech IRL, but those that Claire was pulling off William’s legs looked real and believable to me!  Kudos!  And we get the healer’s lesson here from Claire that Mrs. Fitz taught her (in the books) about leeches reducing swelling from bruising.

As Claire, Murtagh, and William enter the cabin, the air becomes THICK with subtext and shock flying in all directions.  “Wait, what?  John’s here? Whaaaaat? And this is John’s/Jamie’s… son?” Claire (with us) watches Jamie’s eyes and sees the longing and love there. Her heart is breaking on Jamie’s behalf but there she’s also astute enough to see John’s longing for Jamie and the WTAF on Murtagh’s face. There are looks and unspoken messages flying in ALL directions! Claire decides it’s a good time to go back OUTSIDE with William to …um… finish treating his leech wounds and let the grownups talk inside the cabin out of earshot of the lad. Presumably this lets a gobsmacked Claire recover a bit from this bombshell surprise. “Complicated” doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the intertwined histories here!

Ginger (@bookishginge) – I think she was DONE before she started but then realized oh crap, that must be Willie. This isn’t going to be a quick trip and I have to make sure to not put any ill will toward the boy for a situation not of his own making (not that she would). It’s hard enough for her to be around LJG, but Willie is a whole other matter.

Maggie (@mrhvilla– “WT#*&$?! Ugh!! Why is he here? And the boy sure has some of Jamie’s features and stubbornness!”  You can see a mix of Claire’s emotions on her face but she also feels for Jamie when she sees the longing in his eyes.

Outlander Lord John3. Well that was the most awkward dinner party ever. Murtagh and Lord John are clearly on opposite sides of the coin. Whose argument did you buy more?

Radha (@BaaderLander) – I’d like to think that, this time, Murtagh knows he’s on the right side of history, thanks to some off-screen conversations with Claire. But even without foreknowledge, we have a table full of people who firmly believe in their righteousness. Someone’s side is going to pay the price of believing the wrong thing at the wrong time. And Jamie is caught in the middle of each and every personal and political thread. Let’s see how he navigates that in the story to come.

Carole (@cbraunnj) – I’m definitely Team Murtagh! Murtagh has been in North Carolina a lot longer than LJG and has seen life from the working man’s POV. John has had much easier life, and hasn’t needed to eat rats. Although John does have an pre-existing relationship with the Governor, who he thinks has the right answers,  he really doesn’t have a clue of what life is really like for those who have to pay the taxes.

Connie (@Yr_Obt_Svt) – Obviously, Jamie hasn’t had time to tell Murtagh ALL that happened since they parted at Ardsmuir.  Murtagh can’t wrap his head around Jamie and John being actual friends now and Murtagh has no time for any stinkin’ Redcoats.  Murtagh’s antipathy toward Governor Tryon (hi, Tim Downie!) is clear.  And Tryon’s building a PALACE?  That’s not okay with Murtagh.

And, as will no doubt be noted by other Outlander commenters, “Tryon’s Palace” WAS built and it WAS a provocation and goad for the Regulators. Lord John has handed Murtagh some fuel to add to the Regulators’ fire. Check it out here. Meanwhile, I’m thinking William must have been present for many political discussions at the dinner table and elsewhere growing up with Lord John. SPOILER ALERT: the Outlander writers and producers are doing great work laying the foundations for seasons 5 and 6!

Ginger (@bookishginge) – Murtagh’s. LJG is so far removed from the plebs and is friendly with Tryon. Even though he is a mensch, he would side with Tryon (at least at this point). There’s class, title, money, his own governorship, and his son to consider. No way he’d agree with Murtagh, or even be able to see his plight/concerns at this point. Later on, perhaps. But it’s too early days.

Maggie (@mrhvilla– Murtagh spoke with more fiery heartfelt conviction on what his reasons and goals were for the cause he was fighting for.  Lord John was not even sure what really was happening in the colonies as he was more interested in talking about the Palace being built.

Outlander Jamie

4. Whoa. William remembered Jamie? This seems like it could get precarious. So give us your thoughts on this new development!

Radha (@BaaderLander) – I thought this was a fantastic departure from the novels. The fact that he remembered Mac straight away and asked if Jamie remembered him makes me think that he too remembered Jamie fondly, and that his reluctance to talk more about Sawney II and fishing with worms was a way to maintain a protective barrier, not that he forgot about their time together. And then the barrier breaks a little and he turns to Jamie for a comforting hug. Like the blacksmith scene echoes the printshop in “Savages”, LJG and William ride away from Fraser’s Ridge in an echo of Jamie’s departure from Helwater in “Of Lost Things” (which I can’t even think about it without tear pricks). Only this time, there’s hope father and son will meet again. 

Jamie’s insides are basically a puddle for a good part of the episode and I am here for all the unshed tears. I know when you can spill those, Jamie.

Carole (@cbraunnj) – This makes sense! A child can have excellent memories, especially with it comes to someone who made a big impact on them. William was about 6 when Jamie left Helwater. That’s an age when a child does remember. So this is not surprising at all. I would be greatly disappointed if he didn’t have any memories of Mackenzie.

Connie (@Yr_Obt_Svt) – Drinking game alert!  (Our friends Carol and Tracey at My Outlander Purgatory have declared a drinking game for every time Outlander discussion includes the phrase “In the book(s)…” – so get ready to drink, y’all!)

William remembers Jamie as being the same person as Mac the groom from Helwater. In the book Drums of Autumn [DRINK], this did NOT happen. William spent days with Jamie in the wilderness and never connected those memory dots, although it did vaguely stir some memories. Willie was 6 years old when Mac left Helwater, which is old enough for a child to have very clear memories, especially of someone who had been important to him.  Now on Fraser’s Ridge as age 11-ish pre-teen, he does remember Mac, although William’s confused about Jamie’s change in status.

My thoughts on this: I agree with the writers’ choices on this and I thought they handled it very deftly, indeed.  This added another layer to the how-much-to-hide/how-much-to-reveal dilemma for Jamie and everyone, while opening up the possibilities for William to connect with Jamie via William’s affection for “Mac”. This made more sense to me than William not connecting the dots in the book [DRINK], but it does change the dynamics way, way down the line in books/seasons 7 and 8. [DRINK]  Slàinte!

AND, I think Oliver Finnegan did a brilliant job playing William (James) Clarence Henry George Ransom, Ninth Earl of Ellesmere.  I thought William’s sorrow, vulnerability, entitled attitude, confusion, fear, and intelligence were all extremely well expressed by this talented young actor.

Ginger (@bookishginge) – Ha! Summarized: Not a fan. But I understand the need to keep drama early on and not wait until a later season. While I believe it’s an interesting development that Willie remembers “Mac,” and understand why Jamie responds to his questions, I think Jamie bringing up Helwater or his time there unprompted isn’t smart. It’s supporting further discussion, which is exactly what is not needed. To go out and later say (yes, even to save his life) that he is his son… It flew in the face of his character and also the years-long effort of keeping Willie’s true parentage under wraps. It’s one thing if a child has a memory, it’s quite another if the person who is supposed to NOT be linked with his past too much (for fear that much thought/pondering/reflection would make more connections, sooner, at least sooner than necessary) is offering up more and more information, and then (even in “jest”) says he’s his father.

Maggie (@mrhvilla– It sure was a change from the books. I was ok with the change considering when Jamie left William was around 6 and spending a lot of time with Mac the groom. He would have remembered since he had the snake that Jamie gave to him even though he does’t play with it anymore. For me it was ok to remember him but I’m hoping we will get to the season where William will actually realize who Mac is.

Outlander Lord John 5. All is not right between Jamie and his Godfather. They can’t butt heads forever, things are going to have to come to a head. What are your predictions?

Radha (@BaaderLander) – Murtagh’s made his choice. I believe his loyalty to justice and freedom will take precedence over his loyalty to his Godson, if it comes to it. 

Carole (@cbraunnj) – Jamie and Murtagh have led separate lives for several years. They are looking at different ways of approaching things. I do believe Jamie sympathizes with the Regulators but he has given his word to the Governor. Also, I think Murtagh is upset the Jamie has kept secrets from him, such as William. But my prediction is that Jamie and Murtagh are going to be on opposite sides when the issue of the Regulators comes to a head.

Connie (@Yr_Obt_Svt) – Murtagh and Jamie have a deep bond which, I believe, will prevent them coming against each other in battle, even though they may work at cross-purposes for a bit, and may involve a lot of near misses and misunderstandings.

My question here – are Jamie and Claire going to tell Murtagh about the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, or other events that they do know are coming up in the future?  The “Regulation” is not something with which Claire is familiar, but it’s part of the bigger puzzle.

Murtagh didn’t understand the interest Jamie took in William, but he figured it out – partly through what Jamie wasn’t saying and partly because of the look of yearning on Jamie’s face –  and promised to tell no one. If Murtagh and William cross paths in the future, I think Murtagh would watch out for William, if the boy was in danger, because of Murtagh’s bone-deep loyalty to Jamie.

Ginger (@bookishginge) – This is tough! Definitely not in the books BUT knowing the books, and knowing the side Jamie ultimately chooses, I foresee Murtagh and Jamie not being at odds forever. Though in the short term (so, this season, possibly a season or two more?) it might seem that way. But ultimately,  they will remain together.

Maggie (@mrhvilla– Pretty sure there will be another meeting between these three.  This was not in the books so can’t really say where the writers want this story line to go but just putting more conflict in Jamie’s life pitting Murtagh and LJG.

Outlander Jamie

6. Claire and Lord John finally had their long overdue reckoning, first in a minor skirmish and then when Claire was nursing him when he was sick. What do you think about their complex relationship and this tense battle of wills?

Radha (@BaaderLander) – Claire and LJG have parallel relationships with Jamie in many ways, having gone through a crucible and each come out the other side with a child but separated from this man they love. Their long days in the cabin are an interesting paradox. Physically, they are engaged in the act of giving and receiving care. Mentally, they are like two animals circling and swiping at each other, trying to find a weakness, thinking they have a fatal blow to deliver, only to find they are too well matched to take each other out. Both come away wounded — LJG for lacking shared love like Jamie and Claire’s, Claire for the lack of Jamie’s presence in Brianna’s life — but with a deep sense of respect. 

Carole (@cbraunnj) – Claire and John, two people who love the same man. It needed to come out at some point. Better to get it out in the open while they were alone. They were brutally honest with each other almost to the point of drawing blood. But you can see towards the end that they have a better understanding of each other.

Connie (@Yr_Obt_Svt) – I loved this part of the episode.  The acting by David Berry (as a disheveled and sickly yet wildly attractive Lord John Grey) and Caitriona Balfe (as bad-ass, competent Claire) was very “true”.  Both LJG and Claire let down their guards, and, for good or ill, spoke from their bruised hearts.  The inclusion of multiple lines of dialog straight from Drums of Autumn was a virtual gift to book readers, many of whom cite Drums as their favorite of the Gabaldonian canon.

By the time Lord John was well enough to travel again, both had laid their cards on the table and they reached an understanding.  Claire is a wise woman (as opposed to a wise woman) and she would not try to deprive Jamie either of Lord John’s friendship nor contact with William, even though she’s not unhappy to see their backs as they ride away. I am really looking forward to more contact and hopefully, a developing friendship, between Claire and Lord John.

Ginger (@bookishginge) – One of my favorite relationships in the books is the dynamic between LJG and Claire. Even though Claire will always have his heart and his constancy, there is Jamie’s time at Ardsmuir and Helwater. And of course the birth and bringing up of Willie that Claire will never be able to be a part of. So in any interaction they both, understandably, might feel they own a part of Jamie, and in truth, they do. But they’re different parts and neither would Jamie give up. In this episode, the scenes with these two were much needed after the complete deletion of the important scene from Voyager when they first truly speak at the governor’s ball. In not allowing LJG to be the deliverer of Willie-news, we lost a very important part of the development of LJG and Claire’s relationship. He is shocked at seeing Jamie has a wife, and feels the need to strike one better– That Jamie has a child, and he is caring for him.

While Claire knows this (from Jamie in S3), LJG never got to deliver those stinging lines. Here there is the opportunity for him to do so. Much of the dialogue stems from this exact scene in Drums of Autumn and they were still a bit at odds. But the animosity at the beginning, the wanting-to-one-up-Claire, I believe, is a direct result of their leaving out the scene in Voyager. I welcome this mild animosity, because it’s important to the development of their relationship.

Maggie (@mrhvilla– Wonderfully done! Lines drawn and the respect for each other was now set by both Claire and LJG. I loved that the book lines were used in their exchange. I loved acting between David and Caitriona being jealous/envious of each other and at the same time letting the other know where they stand or don’t stand in Jamie’s life. No question both let the other know they love Jamie.

 Outlander Jamie William

7. Jamie got some time alone with his son, even if things got a little tense! Give us your reactions to these bonding scenes.

Radha (@BaaderLander) – Jamie’s always been at home outdoors and their tour of the Ridge let William spend time with Jamie in his element. William gets to know so many sides of Jamie – companion, teacher, comforter, protector. And Jamie learns what a competent, curious, and honorable boy William is — someone who takes responsibility for his mistakes.

Outlander really succeeds at letting people hold space for different kinds of love at the same time without one diminishing the other, particularly when it comes to family. Jamie has demonstrated this himself in loving both the children he never knew as well as the children who came under his care. Williams embrace with John, mirrored in his embrace with Jamie, may indicate something similar. It’s unclear whether William understands the true nature of their connection, but Jamie was very important to him once, and he can build a relationship with him without diminishing the father who raised him.
I suspect this father-father-child triad is neat compared with what we’ll see play out between Brianna and Jamie, where the specter of Frank looms much larger and more threatening.
I also thoroughly enjoyed Jamie manhandling Willie on to his horse.

Carole (@cbraunnj) – I think Jamie had this idea that William was still a 6 year old. Guess again! William is a prickly, spoiled, petulant man child, but he’s also grieving over the loss of Isobel and may be thinking that he’s going to lose John as well. So Jamie tries to get William’s trust again with the fishing and hunting, and ultimately William realizes Jamie is just trying to be a positive outlet for him. I really did think for a second that the writers blew it when Jamie said, “He’s my son,” but then having William say that he’s not helped cover up again the truth.

Connie (@Yr_Obt_Svt) – My heart!  MY HEART! I wept actual tears from the joy of seeing Jamie getting to act in a fatherly role toward his son. I shouted out loud and startled my dogs and husband when Jamie claimed to the Cherokee that he was William’s father, hoping to deflect their apparent anger and retribution away from William and onto himself. Then William stepping up and taking responsibility for violating the Cherokee’s boundaries and fishing made Jamie SO DANG PROUD of his son.  I loved seeing William reach out for a big hug when Jamie praised him for his courage.  What a moment!! (Excuse me for a moment while I reach for a hanky again!)

And William looked back as he and LJG rode away.  The Jamie/William story is not over!  <sniffle>

Other observations – as Jamie and Willie were mounting up for their “tour” of Fraser’s Ridge, William was obviously reluctant to leave Lord John, but once on the trail, there was a fantastic shot of Jamie and his mini-me, both mounted and wearing their tricorns! Priceless!

Ginger (@bookishginge) – Oy. Well done. Loved the addition of the Cherokee confrontation. Not in love with Jamie spilling his guts to the child, even for “fakes.”

Maggie (@mrhvilla– I’m so happy for Jamie to be able to love his son through the things he shows him and stories he tells (especially about his father Brian) even though he was not free to show so much outward affection. Sam’s face and body expressions showed the longing, tenderness, and love. Seeing Jamie just being proud of his son was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

Outlander Claire Jamie

8) Well well. Jamie is quite the romantic. Talk to us about the steamy bath scene, and Jamie giving Claire the silver ring!

Radha (@BaaderLander) – Whoever blocks these scenes must have the mind of a choreographer. Jamie and Claire move around each other as if they’re dancing, nearly always in physical contact. Compare a similar moment – the Man in the Moon conversation from S3 when Claire finds Jamie on the boat deck. They are side-by-side, then arms around each other, then back to front in about four moves and you have to watch very carefully to see how they got there.

And what a beautiful way to introduce the original design of the ring as well as a callback to the Catullus love poem. The whole moment rewards the long-time viewer, with the significance of Murtagh crafting the new ring from Ellen MacKenzie Fraser’s silver for Jamie to renew his love for Claire. Is the dialogue it a bit romance novel-y? I have no capacity to judge that anymore, I am HERE FOR IT.
What does this mean for the Lallybroch ring? Perhaps it will find a second life as an engagement ring.

Carole (@cbraunnj) – That bath scene, it almost makes one want to have a tub in the bedroom! The tub chat was lovely, and we finally get “The Ring!” When Jamie took one of Ellen’s candlesticks I thought it was definitely going to be turned into something such as a replacement ring. But it’s nice that they finally get some “Alone Time.”

Connie (@Yr_Obt_Svt) – This episode didn’t go where I thought it might, but I loved it and thought it refreshing to see Jamie and Claire together enjoying a bit of privacy and peace for a change.  Jamie was so romantic and thoughtful to get a replacement ring for Claire who missed the wedding ring Jamie gave her. And made by Murtagh from Ellen’s silver candlestick – wow! Da me basia mille, indeed.

I wondered how cold Caitriona must have been in that final shot, despite the heat being brought by the story! There was “pebbling” happening.

Ginger (@bookishginge) – Loved the scene, and definitely got a little choked up when the new ring was revealed to include Catullus.

Maggie (@mrhvilla– A sweet tender moment for the Frasers when they were finally alone. I am here for all the romantic Jamie Fraser showing his heart to Claire. Claire’s face when she saw the ring? My heart was melting. I love that the ring is finally the right one but it would not have hurt to have Jamie and Claire saying the “blood of my blood” line since it was the title of the episode (not only about Willie and Brianna). Oh the Fraser loving and kisses! I wouldn’t have minded if they had counted to maybe 50 or more before the fade to black… just saying.

Outlander Claire William

BONUS BOOK READER QUESTION: Alright. We all saw the title card. But no outhouse, no snake, no Ian. Feel free to vent your spleen (or not) here:

Radha (@BaaderLander) – The privy scene never fails to make me guffaw every single time I read it. So it’s a testament to the structure and pace of this episode that I didn’t notice it wasn’t included after the brief allusion in the title cards. And I got so much from all the new elements of the story that I didn’t miss it either. There’s already a shit storm on the way. I’m fine to leave this part un-mucked up. 

Carole (@cbraunnj) – I was wondering before I saw the episode how they were going to handle the snake in the outhouse scene. I’m fine not seeing William covered in muck from an outhouse. The only thing that I missed was the line, “What news from the Underworld, Persephone?” But the title card gave a great nod to the scene

Connie (@Yr_Obt_Svt) – As I said above, I think the title card with a shot of a privy seat and a snake (non-venomous scarlet king snake) being moved away was an Easter egg for the fans.  No rattlesnake, no Ian, and no Willie falling in, but a nod to the fans – I love and appreciate Matt Roberts!   The writers and producers have to include so much essential storyline from this huge book that omission of this comic scene from the book [DRINK] was acceptable to me, because the scene as written by Diana was fun but didn’t really drive the story forward.

Ginger (@bookishginge) – Ha! Totally OK with not including that scene. But having a title card like that, and not following it up at all… left readers like… huh? And more than a few show-only watchers confused.

Maggie (@mrhvilla– Ahhhhhhhh! I wanted to see that scene (it was so great in the books). It would have shown the shared humor of Jamie and John: They do know how to laugh and not be so serious. I have not seen Jamie’s lighter side all season long nor previous season. It’s something that made Jamie more endearing in the books. I wanted to see the interaction between Ian and Claire when Ian saw Jamie’s expression on Willie’s face. It would have been great to see John Bell’s faces.  Maybe in a future deleted scene? Wondering how the writers will write how Ian finds out about William’s parentage in the show.

Outlander Jamie Cherokee

Final Verdict: In Outlander‘s “Blood of my Blood”, it seems that blood was certainly running warm for our roundtable guests!

“Blood of my Blood” was tricky! After last week we could have sworn this episode would be about Brianna. But Outlander threw us a curve ball and this week we spent some time with Jamie and his son. But “Blood of my Blood” is also Jamie’s wife, Claire. Not many wives would be quite so tolerant of the man who loves her husband and his bastard son. Sometimes fate chooses those connections for us for more than our blood relatives.

We’re interested in the politics of what’s going on with Murtagh, Jamie, and Lord John Grey. It’s not a surprise that Lord John is the Governor’s man. We’re a little surprised that Claire hasn’t had the “future” discussion with Murtagh with regards to the Regulation though. It seems like a lot of the tension between Godfather and Godson could be alleviated by having an open discussion. It’s not like he doesn’t know Claire’s from the future.

Lord John is back! David Berry really stole this episodes. The scenes between Claire and Lord John were sharp and poignant. Their eye wars definitely cut to the core. Claire and Lord John’s one-upping of each other was a little sad in a way. Lord John tried to land blows but he was definitely the person that was not in a position of power here. Though he got in his digs Claire is ultimately the one who has Jamie. Berry really played the moment to perfection.

This week in our tiny analysis of the adaptation our roundtable was a little split over William recognizing Jamie as his former groom. On the one had it definitely added realism. What six year old doesn’t have memories of someone who was so important to his life? But a few people on the roundtable are reserving judgement to see how things play out if they see William again.

Next week we get to see another of Jamie’s kids! It’s all about Brianna, and we can’t wait.

Outlander returns next Sunday, 12/16 at 8 PM EST on Starz!

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