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Peanuts and Tokidoki team up to bring Snoopy to SDCC 2017.

Move over Wonder Woman, Snoopy’s in town.

Snoopy and his Parisian sister Belle have been quite busy lately. They’re in fashion and not afraid to show it. With the help of Tokidoki’s co-founder and CCO Simone Legno, Peanuts will be bringing an exclusive ‘Snoopy & Belle in Fashion’ to debut at the San Diego Comic-Con this year. The series, which started in 2014, picked Tokidoki because they felt the style would really capture the spirit of the city.

The team will also be offering an exclusive tote bag for the SDCC goers and have a pop-up store in San Diego during the con. The exclusive Comic-Con dolls will be part of the display offered at that pop-up store, along with designs that are on exhibit in Virginia until July 18th and the rest of the ‘Snoopy & Belle in Fashion’ collection.

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The dolls on exhibit in Virginia were designed by former First Lady Michelle Obama’s fashion designer Barbara Tfank and Ashley Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter. Their collection focuses on inspiring people to follow their dreams while helping others and making a difference.

The Peanuts characters have been around as long as a lot of us can remember and they are always looking for ways to keep those characters relevant. Bringing them to such a socially well-known event like Comic-Con is the perfect way to do that.

If you are heading to SDCC 2017 make sure you check out the exclusive ‘Snoopy & Belle in Fashion’ collection. You’ll be glad you did.

The Snoopy & Belle SDCC Official Dolls arrive July 20, 2017

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