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PlayStation VR is coming to take you to an alternate reality.

Sony just became a major competitor to the costly, yet high-end, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

With the virtual reality landscape in full flux, Sony just became a major competitor to the costly, yet high-end, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Tapping into its core audience, the manufacturer is aiming to balance a first-rate engine with a reasonably-priced VR-set – lowering the threshold for folks that were still on the fence.

By moving the immersive gaming experience from an exclusive PC-based environment to the PlayStation 4 (which has already been sold more than forty million times), both the avid gamer and the average noob are able to – quite literally – step outside of their comfort zone.

Because of the PS4’s prevalence, chances are you already own one and just need a few more add-ons to turn the console into a flux capacitor. Whereas setting up an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive from scratch will cost you about $1,200, the PlayStation VR will cost you $700 at most, making it the most affordable full virtual reality system on the market. But here’s the kicker: if you already own a PS4 and PS Camera, you can simply purchase the core bundle for $399.99 and you’re good to go.

The core bundle includes the basics (the VR headset, headphones, stereo cables and a demo disc) and is the best choice for more experienced gamers who have previously purchased the PlayStation Camera – which is required for the experience to work.

For those who have only used their gaming console sporadically and have not yet invested any accessories, Sony has assembled a PlayStation VR Launch Bundle which includes everything from the core bundle plus a PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers and another disc containing five VR experiences. This launch bundle comes in at $499.99 and is the easiest way for any beginner to get started.

If you’re still reluctant to pay, get your friends and family involved and split the costs! One thing that makes the PSVR stand out from other devices is the use of a so-called social screen which makes it possible to render two different images simultaneously. This feature keeps virtual reality from becoming a solitary experience because others can still play along while not wearing the headset.

Even those who don’t necessarily play games (I’m looking at you, dad!) might be willing to pitch in. As the PSVR’s cinematic mode simulates a five-meter screen it enables anyone to view 360-degree photographs and videos, making the capabilities of the device relate to just about anyone.

Apart from the eight launch games that are readily available, Sony is promising fifty new titles on the platform before the end of the year. With virtual reality, ultimately anything becomes possible – want to experience the adrenaline of robbing a bank without being sent to prison? Want to face descend into the ocean without ever getting wet? Then this might be just what you need!


Check out the 8 PSVR launch games that will transport you into a virtual reality.

With the recent release of its PlayStation VR, Sony is bringing immersive gaming into the everyday living room by expanding on hardware that’s already been adopted in over 45 million homes. In stark contrast with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, arguably the biggest players today, the PSVR core bundle comes in at a reasonable $399.99.

Though the hardware is impressive, a successful interactive adventure depends on much more than technological advancements. As anyone – from novice to expert – can now effectively merge with the game, the storytelling needs to be tighter and more believable in order for the realism to hold up.

As part of its launch, the new virtual reality experience comes with as many as eight titles that are specifically tailored to the device’s capabilities. Bigger franchises like Resident Evil and Batman Arkham carry less familiar names such as Loading Human and Eve Valkyrie. With the genres spanning everything from horror to racing, the manufacturers made sure all tastes were catered for. No matter what game you choose to be your first, there’s always something else to fall back on.


Check out what I am excited for below if you need help deciding!

1. Batman Arkham VR

Out of all the titles available, Batman Arkham VR seems to tell the most fascinating story. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to know what it feels like to be a superhero and this game gives me exactly what I want by letting me become Batman. Even though the game clocks in at just over an hour, you get to do everything that makes being the Dark Knight so appealing – investigate crime, throw batarangs and descend into your Batcave. There are worse ways to spend sixty minutes of my day!

2. Resident Evil Biohazard

If you’ve ever played any of the games in the Resident Evil franchise, you know that the action-shooter gets your heart pumping more than once. As an avid fan of horror movies, I groan at the ridiculous decisions characters make and can’t help but wonder what I would do. This title, which is a survival horror story, finally allows me to learn about my instincts when confronted with isolation and terror.

3. PSVR Worlds

This title is not so much a game as it is an experience, designed specifically for the PlayStation VR. PSVR Worlds is a collection of five individual stories or minigames that showcase the strengths of the device. In the course of one day, you get to hold up a bank, descend into undesirable depths of the ocean and luge through California. If you’re in the mood for something a little more supernatural, you have the option to play Danger Ball – a futuristic sport in which you must win or die – or play an alien treasure hunter. If you buy the PlayStation VR launch bundle, you will get this game for free and could help you decide which one to buy next.

Honorable Mentions

If none of these sound like your cup of tea, you can always resort to Eve Valkyrie, a game originally built for Oculus Rift and adapted to the PSVR. As you take place in the cockpit of a dogfighter, you fly through space and essentially try to destroy asteroids, freighters and villains.

If you did enjoy what Resident Evil Biohazard had to offer and just can’t get enough of the scares it gave you, get ready for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Complete with clowns and ghouls, this is another horror game that is sure to provide you with a few solid jump scares. Not for the faint of heart!

Other titles

If you are determined to devour all of the launch games then you should also check out Rigs Mechanized Combat League, a brightly colored attempt at a game that’s half sports and half shooter.

If you’re drawn to the sport genre but don’t feel like killing robots in the middle of your soccer game, you might want to consider Driveclub VR. Players of this title have been known to become motion sick, but it might just tell them something about their way of driving.

Finally, Loading Human: Chapter 1 is by far the most ambitious launch game that comes with the PSVR. Being the first part of a trilogy, it sets up a story that takes place in a virtual reality and plays out like a sci-fi point-and-click adventure.

If you’re still on the fence about the PlayStation VR because of its launch games, my suggestion would be to purchase the Core Bundle (which comes with a playable demo) or the launch bundle (which comes with PSVR Worlds) and look out for one of the fifty titles Sony has promised before the end of the year.

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