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San Diego Convention Center Expansion Gets Good News


San Diego Convention Center Expansion Gets Good News

Convention Center clears first legal hurdle.

Back in 2013, the city of San Diego attempted to put in place a plan to expand its convention by 2017. The plan included raising hotel taxes to cover the construction cost but was halted as legal issues ensued. While the California Coastal Committee agreed to the terms of the deal, the people of San Diego never got a vote and the City Council voted to abandon the new design because of a lawsuit with regards to the California Coastal Act (CCA).

Today, the Convention Center cleared a major hurdle when a Superior Court Judge ruled that the expansion is legally sound and compliant with the CCA. While the ruling won’t be finalized until a March 3 hearing, Mayor Kevin Faulconer celebrated today’s victory, stating “this expansion is all about creating jobs and growing tourism as well as keeping and attracting large conventions like Comic-Con.”

Faulconer has been a major proponent of the expansion ever since plans were announced in 2013. Even though there are more legalities surrounding the project; we’re one step closer to constructing a more suitable home for Comic Con.

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