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SDCC 2017 Exclusives: Funko Staff Picks

If you want to get to know a Nerdeek, take a look what they have on their shelves.

Just like everyone else, we at Nerdeek hoard our own favorites pieces of fandom. Big fans of Funko’s Pop! Dolls, we have been salivating over the huge list of exclusives they are bringing to San Diego Comic Con this year. So if we get the chance to get our hands on these coveted items, what new dolls are going to be gracing our bookshelves? Take a look at some of our staff picks from Funko.


Pop! Marvel: Captain America (Bucky Barnes)

Pop! Disney: Darkwing Duck – Negatron (Glow in the Dark)

Pop! Ride: Supernatural – Baby with Dean

My love and dedication to Supernatural would make Baby with Dean and obvious choice for me. I’ll set it on my desk and probably say cheers to Dean whenever I open a beer. One of my favorite cartoons as a kid growing up in the 90’s was Darkwing Duck, and I can’t express the excitement I felt at seeing one on this list. I didn’t realize at first that was a Bucky as Captain America doll until about the third time I read over the list. The squeal I unleashed was piercing because Bucky Barnes is my favorite Marvel character.


Pop! TV: Stranger Things – Steve

Pop! Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood with Glasses

Pop! Disney: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – Mr. Toad


Luna Lovegood with glasses, because one, I’m a Ravenclaw just like Luna, and therefore she and I are soul sisters. But also, the glasses are just adorable and it really makes the whole figure far more hilarious. Mr. Toad, because I’m a huge Disney fan and I was devastated when they took this ride out of Disneyworld and only left it in Disneyland. Plus it’s adorable. And the third one, in the end I’m going with Steve because it’s like, Steve when he was at his BEST and you had just thought he was a total dick but he turned it around and he was a mess and I love a Funko with a prop and Steve’s got one. Which makes this one hilarious and I’m all about a funnier Funko pop.


Pop! Harry Potter: Harry on Broom

Judy Jetson

Pop! Heroes: Blue Chrome Batman (Toy Tokyo)

I’m a hardcore Potterhead and I would love to add the Harry Potter on a broom Pop! to my ever growing Potter Funk collection. I might even pick up Luna if I’m lucky. She-Ra was my first ever shero. While all of the girls I grew up with were playing with Barbie’s and baby dolls, I had my She-Ra action figure and my Transformers battling out. I’ve since lost my action figure, but what a way to have a little piece of my childhood back. For me, getting my hands on Judy Jetson was a no brainer. The Jetson’s were and still are my favorite cartoon series ever.


Pop! Star Wars: Holographic Princess Leia & R2-D2

Pop! Harry Potter: Harry on Broom

Pop! Marvel: Captain America (Bucky Barnes)

I have and always will be a Star Wars fan.  The original 3 films were some of the first English sci-fi films I ever watched, and everything about it was perfect.  The allegory, the literary archetypes, the pew-pew and zoom-zoom… Harry Potter represents to me the pinnacle of children’s writing.  Not only does it appeal to a wide age range, it also reads differently for each generation.  There’s so much great psychological teaching within the books that I know psychologists who are using it in therapy to educate people with mental illness. As for Bucky Captain America…he’s Captain America!

It looks like as far as our staff is concerned, Bucky Cap and everything Harry Potter wins the day. What Pop! are you dying to get your hands on?


There’s so much to see and do at SDCC 2017, and Hello Nerdeek’s got it all for you! Stay tuned and check out our convention coverage!
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