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SDCC 2017 Exclusives: Staff Picks

San Diego Comic Con isn’t just a Mecca for fans of pop culture, but for collectors as well. Take at look at some of the best the con has to offer and snatch them up before they are gone!

When it comes to the world of pop culture, San Diego Comic Con is the most exclusive event in the fandom. Not just for the opportunity of meet and greets and special news and footage, but also for the items specifically exclusive to this event. Some collectors will go as far as sleeping in a line to pull a raffle ticket at a mere chance at purchasing said items. Some thousands of people want these items, and usually only a few hundred will go home with them.

We here at Nerdeek are as crazed about these exclusive items as our readers. We understand more than ever what it means when you say “I just need to have that on my shelf, just because.” So here’s what a few of the Nerdeek staff will be fighting off the crowds to get this year at San Diego Comic Con to put on our shelves…just because.

  1. Cryptozoic: DC Bombshells – the Golden Goddess series
  2. Monogram International: Supernatural 6-Piece Pewter Collector’s Pin Set
  3. DC Wonder Woman Q-Fig Max

I grew up as a DC kid long before I started reading Marvel, and I’ve always had a thing for villains, especially powerful women. So the Golden Goddess figures from Cryptozoic are an obvious choice for me. Supernatural started when I was a senior in high school and I feel like I’ve grown up with the Winchesters in a way, and I’m still crazy for them all these years later. So I just really need this pin set so I can put them on my Supernatural backpack. I actually own a couple Q-Fig figures from Quantum Mechanix and they are so cute. This Wonder Woman looks so badass, so she’s definitely going to have a spot on my shelf.


  1. NECA’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set
  2. Monogram International: Harry Potter Pewter keychains
  3. Monogram International: Beetlejuice 3-Piece Horror Keyring Set

The set is amazing and includes KRANG.  Which automatically makes it the most awesome thing ever.  It’s adorable, and I want it and actually will be trying to grab one for a friend who says he’ll be eternally grateful.  So..  Win. I’m a SUCKER for awesome keychains, so Monogram International’s Pewter Harry Potter keychains are ON MY RADAR.  They’re NOT CHEAP ($45 for KEYCHAINS?) but they look LEGIT and they’re super limited edition so I’m all in on that. EVERYTHING Monogram International has for SDCC looks ADORABLE (which is really my main criteria for SDCC stuff), but get a load of their Beetlejuice 3-Piece Horror Key Ring Set!!!  They’re figural keychains and they’re basically worth it for Lydia in the red wedding dress, which- fun fact, I actually wanted as my wedding gown from the ages of 12-14.  …And maybe still do, I don’t know.  Don’t judge me.


(All Monogram International)

  1. Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Mug
  2. Nightmare Before Christmas Magnet set
  3. Beetlejuice 3-piece Horror Ring Set

It’s more Harry Potter  stuff that I “need” what more can I say? If you know me, you know that The Nightmare Before Christmas is in my top 5 favorite movies of all time list. It’s something that stuck with me throughout my childhood through adulthood. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! I need these for the little goth girl in me. Plus I love anything Tim Burton has done.


  1. Titan Merchandise: Firefly: Back From the Black w/collectible enamel pin
  2. Monogram International: Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts 2-Mug set
  3. Monogram International: Beauty & The Beast 25-piece 3D foam key ring set

You can’t stop the signal, and you can’t stop me from being a proud Browncoat!  I love that show more than I can say, and every time Serenity comes on I stop everything to watch it.  Harry Potter, as I mentioned already, is a series I aspire to as an author. My favorite classic animation Disney film was Beauty and the Beast, so this adorable key ring set is a no-brainer!


What exclusives are you looking to get your hands on this year? According to our picks, it looks like Monogram International is going to have plenty of visitors to their booth this year. Whatever lines you plan on standing in, make sure you’re quick! May the odds be ever in your favor, because the battle over SDCC exclusives is nothing short of a battle to the death. Check out all the SDCC exclusives HERE.


Don’t forget to check out our SDCC 2017 coverage for all things panels, exhibit halls, exclusives, and parties!
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