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Marvel’s Inhumans: “It’s best not to see this as a superhero show.”


Marvel’s Inhumans: “It’s best not to see this as a superhero show.”

Marvel’s Inhumans isn’t a superhero show, it’s a show about people with powers

The Marvel’s Inhuman’s panel at San Diego Comic Con started off with an announcement – the first two episodes of the series will be shown first in IMAX. However, the panel did reveal that the televised episodes will contain additional footage not seen in IMAX when they air on ABC on September 29th. We also learned that the show’s first season will contain eight episodes. The entire cast was in attendance, and were given adorable stuffed bulldogs!

Inhumans will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will follow the members of the Inhuman royal family. The series stars Serinda Swan, Anson Mount, Iwan Rheon, Isabelle Cornish, Sonya Balmores, Ellen Woglom, Mike Moh, and Eme Ikwuakor.

The panel was a fan favorite, and many attendees are now waiting impatiently for the show to air in September. The visuals shown at the convention have been described as impressive. The panel gave some advice on how to view the show:

“It’s best not to see this as a superhero show, but a show about people who have these powers that aren’t always helpful.”

Mike Moh is proud of the show’s action, stating:

“Everybody in the cast kicks butt, [the audience] is gonna like the action.”

We also learned that Medusa stands on her own:

“Medusa does not always say what her husband signs word for word. She has her own opinions.”

Ken Leong had this to say about working on Inhumans:

“[I’m] constantly challenged by [my] role and it stretches [me] like no other role.”

And, finally, there will be depth to Maximus:

“Maximus is not Ramsey at all. There will be layers.”

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Inhumans will air September 29th on ABC.

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