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Team Flash Set Its Sights On A New Wells in “The Death of Vibe”

Team Flash Set Its Sights On A New Wells in “The Death of Vibe”

The Flash Roundtable 5x03

The Flash 5x03 Roundtable

Turns out, Nora messed with the timeline a lot more than we thought!

Team Flash returned to our screens this week in “The Death of Vibe,” but don’t worry, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is alive and well! During the episode, we learn that Nora’s (Jessica Parker Kennedy) arrival caused Cicada (Chris Klein) to arrive a lot earlier than expected. Because of this, Cicada set its sights on Joe (Jesse L. Martin), using him a means to get to Cisco himself. We are glad Joe had a much bigger role this episode than the last two, though it sucks that his role was reduced to a punching bag — but we’ll take it!

Due to Cicada’s premature arrival, Nora had a plan to hire Detective Sherloque Wells (Tom Cavanagh), one of the many Wells’ of the multiverse to track down Cicada. However, this “great detective” is sticking around for a while, as his findings prove to be a bust for Team Flash, pointing them to the wrong guy. By the end of the episode, we get a good look as to why Cicada is so adamant on killing metahumans. He visits his daughter in the hospital who is comatose, and we can only assume that a metahuman put her in such a state.

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Three episodes into season five, fans already get a sense of the new “buddy” system the show has going on, and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) embark on a journey to uncover why Caitlin’s mother (Susan Walters) signed off on her father’s death certificate. Turns out, the one and only Thomas Snow committed suicide, as Caitlin found his death note. But this is The Flash! There’s no way that was his end, am I right?

Here to discuss villains, doppelgangers and more is our The Flash roundtable!

Tatiana (@myrcellasear) – Entertainment journalism wannabe and an avid pursuer of comics.

Vanessa (@westallenallure)  –  Rambling and Flash extraordinaire.

Holly (@hollyanderson30)  – Social Media Addict who runs two fan pages and loves everything CW, especially The Flash.

Dori (@dorigrayskies) – Way too passionate about too many things, but, like.. in a chill way.

Muna (@candiceswest)  – Passionate admirer of TV shows and Westallen.


1. What do you think of the new Sherloque Wells?

Vanessa (@westallenallure): I’m 50/50 with my impression of him. When I first saw the sneak peek prior to the episode airing, I actually liked him. I thought he was funny in a way that wasn’t too on the nose like HR, and serious in a way that wasn’t too over-bearing like Harry Wells could be. Then, the episode aired and that same scene came on an I was a little done with him? Then, I concluded that he fit but then he started being untrustworthy like every version of Harry EVER is, and I was like, “Here we go.” So the verdict is still to be determined.

Holly (@hollyanderson30): I think Sherloque Wells is an absolute ass but only time will tell if he can become an asset to the team!

Tatiana (@myrcellasear): I like him better than HR and Season 4 Harry, so I’m pretty pleased about his appearance. His banter with Cisco is biting without being abusive, and while his accent is awful it serves a comedic purpose.

Dori (@dorigrayskies): So far, I’m actually pleasantly surprised! I’ve gotta be honest— the prospect of a “new Wells” this season wasn’t exactly exciting for me, but he’s not annoying or obnoxious, and he likes tea, so we’re good for now! I do always appreciate the comedic Cisco + Earth-Whatever Wells love/hate dynamic we’re always guaranteed, though. And he’s useful! So bonus points for that as well.

Muna (@candiceswest): I really enjoyed him in this episode! He seems very clever, and is definitely not like the other Wells we’ve seen in the past. I also really hope we get to find out how he knows so much about people that he’s just met, especially Nora.


2. Because of Nora’s mistake, Cicada arrived a lot earlier than expected. What else do you think she affected by coming back?

Vanessa: I mean, that in itself is huge given that if he was a notorious serial killer in the future; some of the many people he killed could’ve have been incredibly crucial or detrimental to the team’s life; maybe even the entire world’s. I think it’d be smart to focus on all the ripple effects of such a huge component being changed.

Holly: I don’t know but I hope we see some good things happen because of it — not all bad!

Tatiana: Iris is now going to give birth to twins, you heard it here first. Or second, who knows? Aside from that, we’ll probably get some differing world events culminating in 2024 going down a different path.

Dori: At this point, I think it’s impossible to tell. But, as we’ve learned from Barry’s past impulsive time travel, there’s always going to be consequences, whether big or small. And, as noted in the episode, this is the first big negative effect we’ve seen due to Nora’s “mistake,” so I’m sure there are more consequence reveals to come.

Muna: It’s still a bit earlier for me to come up with theories of what could have been altered, but I do believe her mistake will end up changing Barry’s fate in the future.


3. Caitlin and Ralph teamed up this week. What do you think of their new friendship?

Vanessa: I hate answering questions tied to either of them because Caitlin very much annoys me and I’m still sore from how suffocating Ralph’s presence was last season – resulting in negative commentary. However, with Ralph, I actually enjoyed him and we saw him be more three-dimensional; not just a total dude-bro. In fact, I’ve liked him thus far since the show premiered – a lot. Caitlin… is still Caitlin. I, naturally, checked out in regards to her character when she tried to murder literally everyone. As well as with how many times her story has been retconned – even if I wanted to, I couldn’t afford investment because subconsciously, I will negate anything they want to formulate now with prior information. I will say, the pacing thus far seems to be more gradual and organized with her storyline.

Holly: I think Ralph and Caitlin’s friendship is great but if they try to turn Ralph into another man for Caitlin they should think twice! Besides she has her family to worry about right now!

Tatiana: I actually enjoy it. I think Caitlin mellows Ralph out and helps him be a little more selfless, and Ralph puts a little pep in Caitlin’s step because goodness knows she can be gloomy. They’re far from my favorite part of the show, but they’ll do.

Dori: It’s interesting! From what I’ve seen thus far, I think Ralph’s character has significantly mellowed out and matured this season, which is a change I for sure appreciate. Caitlin’s subplot definitely gives both of the characters something to do/investigate on their own while the rest of the team gets down to business. It’s already been confirmed that nothing romantic will come of the friendship, which I think is smart. And who knows, maybe hanging out with someone like Ralph is just what Cait needs to help her de-stress.

Muna: They have a very supportive friendship between each other, and I really enjoy Ralph stepping up and being there for her while she figures out what happened to her dad.


4. Poor Joe West! What did you think about him playing such a huge role in this episode?

Vanessa: Finally! I feel like he’s so lost all the time. But poor him as well given he is constantly in harm’s way. The man can’t catch a break! The thing about Joe is that I’ll take him any way I can. He was a big part of Barry and Iris’ upbringing and I love being reminded of that through him. JLM is just a soulful person and always brings heart to any scene – which I love.

Holly: I was surprised honestly to see Joe playing the role he did and not because he isn’t an amazing actor, but just they always send the meta’s (Vibe. Flash, KF) into the dangerous stuff so we never see others in it, except Iris with reporting and helping Barry.

Tatiana: I worry about that man! Give him a break, please. He seems tired and out of it, poor guy, so I hope he and Cecile get a nice little family vacation with Jenna soon. I loved that he was loyal enough to refuse to call Vibe, but it seemed a little out of character that he wouldn’t just go ahead and do it when his daughter was in danger. Thank goodness for Cecile!

Dori: He seems so tired of the BS lol. The man has a new baby girl and a new grown-up granddaughter. Give him a break, Cicada! But, I’m always glad to see Joe play bigger parts in episodes, and the talking scene with Joe and Iris — no matter how short– was a sweet surprise.

Muna: Joe needs a break, and some type of security in his house. The cop aspect of him really shined in this episode when he took the torture from Cicada, in order to protect Cisco.


5. Iris’ tattoo from a former lover?! Have any theories as to who?

Vanessa: One would think Eddie given Iris has said that she had no serious boyfriend before Eddie, however; I don’t think Eddie sparked that type of commitment for Iris lol. He doesn’t have the range, we could say. It could be The Flash since she has a crush on him but I don’t see why she would remove it given it’s Barry. This is all, of course, us tying it to a lover but having no confirmation of it being as such since Sherloque said it was “perhaps a lover.”

Holly: I think that Iris might have gotten the tattoo in memory of Eddie.

Tatiana: I think Iris got a tattoo honoring her fangirl days, so either some embarrassing member of a boyband that she scrubbed after college, or a Flash symbol that she excised before Barry had a chance to see it. I just don’t see her being serious enough with anyone before Eddie to get a tattoo, unless it was a drunken mistake.

Dori: If Barry’s never seen it or heard about it, I’m guessing it has to maybe have been from college? And if so, we’d probably have no clue who the former lover would’ve been. At first, I thought she may have just been touching where she was stabbed by Marlize last season, but I don’t know. I really hope they revisit the topic in the near future, though, because Barry’s reaction was absolutely priceless. The man was ~shook~.

Muna: Now that was something I didn’t see coming! The only person that possibly comes to mind would be The Flash. Iris probably got a lightning bolt tattoo before she found out Barry was The Flash, and later got it removed.


6. Barry became a stern father this episode. Do you think that was overdue?

Vanessa: It was. Nora is extremely impulsive and she’s already changed so much – a close eye needs to be kept on her a cautionary measure. It’s also a learning experience for Barry because as Iris said, she mirrors his impulsive personality a lot; so he too can mature as he realizes from the outside looking in – how he acts sometimes.

Holly: Yes! I absolutely think it was time. He may only get to see Nora for so long but what he teaches her will last a lifetime as a father, a friend and as a speedster.

Tatiana: It was nice to see him put his foot down, and equally as nice that Iris’ emotional intelligence softened him the right amount.

Dori: I think it was long overdue. Like, I understand Nora’s eagerness, but girly definitely needed to start slowing down (no pun intended) and thinking before acting.

Muna: YES! I admired that Barry put his foot down and told Nora that she can’t be so impulsive with her decisions all the time. I really hope we get to see more of Barry that dynamic throughout the season. Nora isn’t used to having a dad to tell her when she can and cannot do things that involve her powers, so it’s nice to see her learn from present Barry.


7. What was your favorite moment of the episode?

Vanessa: I can never pick just one, sue me. I really liked three things: the shot of Nora thinking about what Barry told her and seeing the two lightning colors all over her body a-la 4×10 when Barry was going to get arrested. That was such a beautiful shot and it led to her saving Cisco. Secondly, seeing the emotions Barry went through when he thought Cisco was dead and then alive – seeing how much they care about each other is something I love (also Iris crying for Cisco, my OT3). Lastly, Barry comforting Iris about eventually getting Nora to come around. Iris is such a support system to him, she was again this episode; that it’s nice to see he’s the same for her.

Holly: My favorite part was the fight with Cicada. All along I told myself I knew Cisco wasn’t going to die but in those last few seconds until he popped back out of the breach, the show had me so worried. Then for him to pop back in so suddenly was amazing.

Tatiana: Barry comforting Iris about her distance with Nora and them looking forward to moving in with their daughter. Pretty sure they’ll regret it come nighttime.

Dori: First of all, the eco-friendly robber is definitely my new favorite bad guy. Also, I loved the blink-and-you-miss-it bonding moments between Nora and Iris, like when Herr Wells’s compliments had them in sync and smitten, and Iris’s “I trust you” to Nora before she went to save Cisco. I’m glad Nora accepted Iris’s offer to move into the loft, and that Barry had noticed their strained relationship was worrying Iris. I’m both nervous and excited for the angst next week’s episode is sure to deliver, but hopefully, we’ll get some answers as to why Nora’s so cold towards her mother.

Muna: My favorite moment was the Westallen scene that happened on the balcony in the lounge. Iris telling Barry why Nora’s acting the way she is, and helping him realize that Nora feels so much guilt for messing with the timeline was really sweet! <3 It really proved once again that Iris will and has always been Barry’s rock.


We love Tom Cavanagh, but we don’t need a Wells on the team!

There, we said it! We’re sorry, but every time the team goes searching for a new Wells to join the team, one that they don’t really need, it becomes anti-climatic. Though we think the like this new Wells a lot better than the previous ones (we still love you HR), does the team really need to have him on the team? We’re sure he’ll prove to be a big help in the future, but after what happened in the episode, our point became very valid.

Barry (Grant Gustin) and Nora’s relationship took a turn this episode as the two teamed up to take down who they assumed was Cicada. Nora’s guilt for traveling in time proved just how desperate she was to fix it and in the middle of it, Barry really stepped up as a father to keep her in check. Though we love to see the fun side of their relationship, it was nice to see Barry having no qualms to teach his daughter a lesson, one that she desperately needed. In the end, Iris (Candice Patton) offers the idea of letting Nora stay with them in their loft, since Sherloque is going to be staying in the basement.

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It seems a new friendship is blossoming in Central City! Though we can only hope they don’t turn romantic, Ralph and Caitlin have made a good team for the last two episodes. Ralph is really putting his PSI skills to work trying to find the answers to Caitlin’s father.

As mentioned before, Cicada is proving to be Team Flash’s most interesting villain. We’ve just scratched the surface of his backstory and motives, but we like that he’s a human who believes it’s his job to get rid of these metahumans — that’s our most popular theory so far. Earlier in the episode, Joe made the connection that Cicada is a father and when he visits his daughter at the hospital, we get a sense that he’s a lot more “human” than we expected, contrasting with his mission to get rid of these metahumans. Because of this, the showcases some season one nostalgia, and we are very eager to learn more about his motives!

Next week in “News Flash,” we may finally get some answers as to why Nora is so cold toward Iris, and we can’t wait to find out!

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 30th on The CW! 

A little time travel actually hurt somebody!

NerdeekLife will be continuing our weekly roundtables when The Flash returns next week. Until then, check out our past coverage – catch up on roundtables, news, reviews, and more, all about The Scarlet Speedster!

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