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The Amazon Prime Video Experience at San Diego Comic-Con

Enter the immersive world of The Boys, Carnival Row, and The Expanse at the Amazon Video Experience

Last year Amazon Prime Video brought Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Experience. With a VR experience, zip line, and escape room, this year’s Amazon Video Experience had fans riding high with expectations. Instead of one show fans can now enter the world of three. And Amazon swapped out the VR for actors and immersive worlds, the biggest trend in this year’s San Diego Comic-Con offsites.

First we enter the world of The Expanse and head on a Rocinante spaceship that took us on a United Nations peacekeeping mission to a newly colonized planet called Ilus. Spoiler alert, bad things are about to go down. Guests are split into groups and interview different characters on Ilus. The setup is actually the best part here. We enjoyed the time on the ship.

Carnival Row has participants choose weather to be a human or a creature. Choose wisely! How you’re treated in this part of the offsite depends on your choice. You’re then ushered into the immersive world of Carnival Row and brought into a Fae bordello. (Don’t worry, it’s kid friendly! …Sort of.) The actor interaction in this part of the offsite was prime (no pun intended). And we were treated to a few Fae performances.

The Boys treats fans to the most interactive experience as you need to solve puzzles inside with the rest of your group. The other thing we liked about this part of the activation was how going through the tasks they asked explained the entire premise of the show in a super fun way. (Hint: Call the phone number for something super secret!)

Amazon Prime Video is also big on hospitality. When you enter the activation you’re given a bag of coins. Use them! You can hand them to actors inside or exchange them for churros, popsicles, fruit and beverages. You can also get some Carl’s Jr. courtesy of The Boys!

Stay for some performances on the tower and have a blast at the Amazon Prime Video Experience! The activation is at the corner of MLK and 1st at San Diego Comic Con and runs through Sunday the 21st!


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