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The Bold Type Roundtable: It’s Not That Simple

Fans discuss episode 2x07, “Betsy”

The Bold TypeSutton and Jane’s friendship is put to one of the ultimate tests

Everyone is in the hot seat on The Bold Type! When Jane’s (Katie Stevens) getting ready for her first day back, she finds a case that she soon finds out from Sutton (Meghann Fahy) it’s her gun, Betsy. When Jane can’t seem to understand why Sutton has a shotgun, she decides her next story will be on figuring out Sutton’s reasons for having the gun. After telling Sutton why she doesn’t understand her need for a shotgun– her teacher’s child was killed in the Columbine shooting, she writes the article. It gets rejected, however, because it only shows one point of view. She decides to go to shoot Sutton but still doesn’t see the fun in what she’s doing. Once Sutton decides to take some time away, because she’s struggling to get a piece needed for a shoot, Jane follows her to the shooting range. There, Sutton realizes that even though her stance on guns is still the same, she’s been holding on to Betsy for reasons that she doesn’t need anymore.

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While her friends are trying to get through their disagreements, Kat (Aisha Dee) is doing the same with Adena (Nikohl Boosheri). After telling Adena about her kissing another woman, Adena suggests that she and Kat have an open relationship. This will give Kat a chance to explore her sexuality more. At first, Kat is hesitant, but she eventually finds a woman that she is attracted to and decides to hook up with her. It’s definitely a new experience for her and even though they agreed not to talk about what they did outside of their relationship, Kat tells Adena what happened. Surprisingly, it doesn’t go bad at all and the two are able to have an open discussion about it.

A discussion between friends on guns, my goodness we love this show! Here to discuss is our The Bold Type roundtable:

Emily (@waverlyleigh)Broadway enthusiast, watches too many TV shows, and dances for a living.

Kailee (@ALESSIASHAIR) – New Yorker learning the true New York way through the girls from the fashion closet.

Alex (@AlexxHerreraaa) – Dog mom, I stan Kadena, and Director/Producer in the making.

Montanna (@Mo_Moneyy00) – Aunt, Avid Reader & Writer, And a Michigan Born and Raised college freshman trying my best to be unapologetically myself.

Thaís (@thaisaugustto) – Brazilian lover of tv shows, “What Sutton Brady would do?” is my mantra and illustration is my thing

The Bold Type1. What was your favorite part of the episode?

Emily (@waverlyleigh): My favorite part of the episode was at the end when Sutton and Jane talked about everything and Sutton tells her that she got rid of the gun. I think that was really important.

Kailee (@ALESSIASHAIR): I really enjoyed getting to learn more about Sutton. I feel like her character is sometimes overlooked and overshadowed by Kat and Jane. I feel like today she got a storyline and although it was a heavy topic, it was still interesting to watch and started a good conversation. I’m also always a huge fan of the music they put in the show!

Alex (@AlexxHerreraaa): My favorite part of the episode was when the three girls went to an outdoor shooting range. Where I thought Tiny Jane would be amazed at how great Sutton was but it went downhill right away when she used the shotgun.

Montanna (@Mo_Moneyy00): My favorite part of the episode was the conversation between Jane and Sutton towards the end after Jane looked at Sutton’s yearbook and found Sutton at the shooting range. Things clicked for Jane and she finally realized Sutton’s reasoning and stopped looking at her as just some gun owner but as her best friend whose background is much different than hers.

Thaís (@thaisaugustto): When Sutton gives up to keeping Betsy for Jane.

The Bold Type2. Brooke ghosted Sutton after she started going out with her less. Do you think Sutton will be able to get Brooke back in her good graces?

Emily: It really depends on how much effort they both put in. Brooke needs to give Sutton another chance and let her back into her life, and Sutton needs to prove to Brooke that she will actually hang out with her and not ditch her.

Kailee: I think that Sutton could get Brooke back but I don’t think she will or should. Sutton doesn’t need Brooke to be successful and she’s not the type of person that Sutton should surround herself with. It is hard because they are in the same industry so they will most likely cross paths but I think that Sutton should stay away from her.

Alex: Well at the beginning I never really liked Brooke because I think she knows Sutton’s intentions with her and shes just using her for peer pressure. But if Sutton still wants to know more acquaintances with her job she can definitely do better than that and be honest with Oliver.

Montanna: I don’t think Sutton will be able to fix things with Brooke without jeopardizing herself, Brooke’s world is not a world that Sutton belongs in as we’ve seen in the last couple episodes and I think she realized that this episode during her freak out to Oliver. Brooke is bad news for Sutton & I think we can all agree on that.

Thaís: I don’t know, I think Brooke is not a good friend and Sutton is her friend just only for the benefits, I don’t think this friendship worth it and anyway I think Sutton will find another way to make connections.

The Bold Type3. Adena suggested she and Kat have an open relationship. How do you feel about this change?

Emily: It personally makes me uncomfortable. Adena suggested an open relationship for Kat to make Kat happy. I’m glad she is thinking about Kat’s feelings, but what about her? She needs to start putting herself and her feelings first.

Kailee: If Kat and Adena are both open to this idea and both happy with it, I am happy. I can’t say I am the biggest fan of open relationships more for the reason I don’t really understand them as much and I know I could never do it, but if it works for them then it works for me hahaha.

Alex: Well at first I thought they were gonna break up, but when Adena suggested this. I thought to myself that maybe it’s a good thing.

Montanna: I have mixed feelings about this arrangement but Adena seems to heavily believe that this is what she and Kat need. I trust the writers of this show but I do wish we would’ve gotten a bit more of a discussion especially with more of Adena’s thoughts about it, besides during a lunch & Small morning pep talk. I strongly think Kadena is Endgame so if this is what they need then I’m good with it.

Thaís:  I didn’t like it, I don’t really think this will work for them, even if Adena says that it’s okay with the situation she doesn’t look good sometimes. I hope they find a way to be together.

The Bold Type4. Jane found out that Sutton had a gun in their apartment. Do you think The Bold Type handled the discussion on guns well?  

Emily: I believe they did handle the gun discussion well. Although it is a very tricky topic, they showed both sides of the issue. It’s always important to get two opinions, especially on something like this.

Kailee: I think that they did a pretty good job. This topic is sensitive but it is something that needs to be talked about. It was interesting hearing Sutton’s perspective on why she likes guns. I think that it was good that they tried to learn all sides of the issue and I like the end result of getting rid of the gun.

Alex: I think they discussed the matter very well. Especially when they mentioned the mass shootings that have happened in the year.

Montanna: I do believe overall they handled the topic well, each girl had weak arguments as well as very strong ones. I think to tie in Jane and Sutton’s backgrounds and past experiences made it especially interesting because they each had a deeply personal reason for their views that went deeper than just an agreed or disagree opinion. It was messy and complicated but that’s the reality of recent gun discussions so I applaud them for not sugar coating it.

Thaís: Yes! I never imagined an episode about that and it was amazing. We could see all the parts of the story and I don’t know about you but I couldn’t pick a side between Jane and Sutton because they both had good views and for two their side was worth it and I could understand them. This was a really good and fair episode.

The Bold Type5. Is the depiction true of how people in the real world discuss guns?

Emily: It depends on the people. It depends on the family. All these people are going to have different opinions on this issue, so there is no true depiction for this.

Kailee: It is a lot messier in the real world. There are so many extremes in the real world so it’s hard to hear rational reasons for why/why not to have guns. I think they the way the show tackles and resolves the issue should be the way people tackle the issue in the real world.

Alex: Yes. the depiction is true, as what Sutton said guns don’t kill people people kill people.

Montanna: I think lately we’ve seen a lot more aggressive and one-sided discussions about guns, a lot of people are more closed minded to the others opinions and even tho Jane and Sutton were closed minded at first they weren’t by the end. I do think the conversations and reactions between Jane and Sutton were pretty true to today’s reality.

Thaís: Sometimes I’ve seen friends fighting for this like I saw Jane and Sutton but other times we don’t have good views, sometimes it’s about self-protection or something like that, it’s not always about control like Sutton or traumas like Jane.

The Bold Type6. During the episode, whose side were you leaning more towards based off of the arguments the two gave?

Emily: I was definitely more on Jane’s side. Even though Sutton had it locked up and knew how to use it, it still can cause more harm than good. Everybody always thinks they are the exception, but in reality, no matter what, they just present danger.

Kailee: I understand both sides. I think that it is hard to try and make a point to someone who has had an experience with a shooting, as Jane explains. I could never imagine myself in that scenario and I am so lucky to have never been in that situation. It’s hard to be mad at Sutton for having a gun because I know that she wouldn’t hurt a fly with it, but at the same time I don’t think that guns are necessary for people to have, so I completely understand where Jane is coming from.

Alex: I was leaning towards to Sutton’s side. Just because she kept her gun in a locked safe. And if Jane didn’t mind that case in the first place she wouldn’t have to make big deal out of it. But on the safe side even if she does have the knowledge about guns we never really know what she could do or the person who would have stolen the gun from their apartment do.

Montanna: At first I was leaning more towards Jane because personally, I relate to her side of the argument but my sides kept switching as the argument progressed. That kinda confused me cause I’ve always had a set belief on guns, in the end, I think I didn’t really lean towards either of them cause I saw where both of them were coming from.

Thaís: It was so difficult to choose one side because I could relate both sides… I tried, but I really couldn’t choose one of them, both arguments were valid for me but in the end was happy that Sutton gives up her gun, that’s it.

The Bold Type7. Kat hooked up with another girl. How are you feeling about that?

Emily: I understand Kat being curious since she has only been with one other girl, but it still made me uncomfortable watching that. Only because I love Kat and Adena together so much.

Kailee: I think that being curious is fine and important to someone. I have grown to love Kat and Adena together but seeing Kat be able to be herself and experience things that she has never been able to be important to building who she is.

Alex: I think that it’s okay to hook up with a different girl. as long as she’s still discovering what she can do. Especially when she is still new to the community.

Montanna: It felt extremely weird to see Kat with another woman aside from Adena but I think this is going to help Kat in the long run. By exploring with other women she will learn new things about herself sexually for herself. I believe that Kat wouldn’t be doing this if she wasn’t 100% sure Adena was okay with it even tho it was Adena’s idea. Even tho I love Kadena with my whole heart I do think this will be beneficial for Kat as a character. I do want to see more of Adena’s reactions and opinions about what Kat has done, as well as some things between them, discussed more like the I love yous. I think launching right into an open relationship has its reasoning but it was kinda sudden.

Thaís: She’s discovering herself and knowing this new world for her this is a good thing but for me, I prefer she with Adena in a closed relationship.

The Bold TypeAn open mind is always better than a closed one

We loved that the gun talk was had on one of the shows that always does the tough issues justice. Although the issues of guns is a difficult one to tackle, we think the writers did a great job at trying to see most perspectives on why people should or should not own guns. Everyone has their initial views on guns, but until they’ve been put into a firsthand situation, they don’t truly know how they feel. Even while watching this episode, our views on the issue got more complex than we thought they ever could. We love how things concluded for these two and it was nice to see more on Sutton’s background. She and Jane grew up very differently and this episode showed a lot of ways on how they are different.

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Kat and Adena are really doing the open relationship thing. For now, it seems to be going okay, but we’re still hesitant to like this new idea. It seems like Adena is thinking more about Kat’s feelings than her own. But, they are going about it in a good way so hopefully, this won’t backfire on Adena in the end. Neither seems to think this will be a problem for their relationship. We wish there was more discussion on the topic before the two decided that an open relationship was the best option, but it will be a new dynamic that will give us a chance to see how these two handle change.

The Bold Type returns Tuesday on Freeform.

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