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The Bold Type Roundtable: It’s Time To Start Thinking Of A Plan B

Fans discuss episode 2x08, “Plan B”

The Bold TypeIt’s never too late to start thinking of a Plan B

Tiny Jane (Katie Stevens) isn’t having a good time on this week’s The Bold Type! When a condom breaks and the side effects to the morning after pill take a horrible turn, Jane learns that she has to start thinking of fertility options during her visit to the doctor. She gets spooked because she’s only twenty-five and the thought of children wasn’t in her immediate radar. In order to explore her options, Jane decides to write an article on twenty-something-year-old mothers. While interviewing some women, she realizes that her options don’t sound so great and she still doesn’t know what she wants to do. With a little help from Kat (Aisha Dee), Jane realizes that maybe it’s so hard for her to make a decision is because of her issues dealing with her mom. By the time she starts to write her article, she decides to reach out to her brother to learn more about her mother.

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Oliver’s out of town and Sutton (Meghann Fahy) is going to her first budget meeting. After agreeing to cut the fashion budget, Sutton has to figure out a way to get the venue for the shoot without the paying the same price originally planned for it. After a failed attempt at convincing the bar to give her the venue for free, she thrifts everything she needs to recreate the shoot. Even though she receives many angry calls and texts from Oliver, he books a seat for her to go to Paris. Sutton’s attending Paris fashion week!

Kat gets offered to promote a brand with her face. Without really reading the details and learning more about the company, she signs the contract. When she talks to Pinstripe, she learns that the brand is funded by an anti-LGBTQ+, ultra-conservative, racist group. When she tries to get out of the contract, she learns that there is no way out. She decides to still try and go along with it but realizes that it’s already a lost cause. With some help and advice from Jacqueline, Kat gets out of her contract and starts looking for brands worthy of her story to back.

A heartwarming and emotional episode! Here to discuss it, is our The Bold Type roundtable:

Malasha (@MalashaMonique) – Iris West/Candice Patton and Kerry Washington enthusiast, Nerdeeklife contributor

Maria (@maggiessalexx) – Kadena supremacist first, the bold type enthusiast to follow

Alex (@AlexxHerreraaa) – Dog mom, I stan Kadena, and Director/Producer in the making.

Montanna (@Mo_Moneyy00) – Aunt, Avid Reader & Writer, And a Michigan Born and Raised college freshman trying my best to be unapologetically myself.

Thaís (@thaisaugustto) – Brazilian lover of tv shows, “What Sutton Brady would do?” is my mantra and illustration is my thing

The Bold Type1. What did you think of the episode?

Malasha (@MalashaMonique): I really liked this episode. I think it showed each girls’ story evenly and they were all very interesting. I loved the ending when everyone was getting news and just smiling. The song was perfect and the girls all seemed to be content for the moment.

Maria (@maggiessalexx): After 2.07 fiasco, this episode was a breath of fresh air. It was so entertaining, but also sad in a way. One of the best this season, at least for me.

Alex (@AlexxHerreraaa): I love the episode it is full of empowerment with the girls.

Montanna (@Mo_Moneyy00): I personally loved this episode, it was emotional & tackled a lot of personal things & mistakes yet it still showed the girls killing it in their careers, this episode had a perfect balance of emotion and playfulness. The girls’ friendship really shined in this episode as well and That makes my heart melt because their friendship is not only the root of the entire show basically but also such a great thing for all types of people to see. This episode reminded me why I really appreciate when the show has emotional episodes like this, it’s because their so informative & heartwarming while also being extremely relatable to so many people.

Thaís (@thaisaugustto): One of my favorites in this season until now! I cried and I laughed watching it.

The Bold Type2. Jane found out some alarming news this week. Do you think she took the news in a reasonable way?

Malasha: Yes. She handled the news the best way she knew how. She has a lot to think about. Learning that she needs to start thinking about her future children, when she isn’t even in a long, serious relationship, probably doesn’t help.

Maria: I think she did. But on the other hand, it all depends on the person. I would probably freak out LOL but what Jane did was really mature and responsible. I am glad they continued with this BRCA storyline, and I can’t wait to see what they are gonna do with it in the next 2 episodes of season 2 and probably during season 3 as well.

Alex: Jane handled the news perfectly!! Telling her boss about it then to the girls and then to her boyfriend was the best part. It might be shocking at first but at least she told them about it.

Montanna: I do believe that Jane took the news in a reasonable way, altogether the news was a very heavy thing to take in all at once  and before that very moment she hadn’t thought about any of it so for just being thrust into making these major choices she handled it pretty well I’d say. If I was her I would’ve freaked out a lot more lol, Jane actually sat and tried to think it through even tho it didn’t work out the best she at least put in the effort, we saw that a lot of other important factors came into play when it came to her trying to think about everything which can be overwhelming. She didn’t handle everything perfectly but it’s all really emotional and overall I think she responded like any other person would in her position if not a bit better.

Thaís: Yes I do! I think she did well. Jane is a character who has a lot of questions in her life and sometimes is too much but I am ok with the way she handled this new.

The Bold Type3. Sutton had her first budget meeting and is going to Paris! How do you feel about the way her story is going?

Malasha: Her story this season has been one of my favorite things to watch. She’s been through a lot and I love that we’re getting to learn more about her each week. I’m so excited for her accomplishments– it’s really inspiring!

Maria: OMG! I must say, Sutton, is becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. Her storyline this season for me is the best one. She deserves this trip. She deserves this fashion week. She deserves it all! Damn it, she deserves to become the head of the fashion department. 🙂

Alex: Sutton is on her way to success. The job that she always wanted which is great.

Montanna: I was so proud of Sutton during the budget meeting!! She’s really taking charge and the fact that Oliver even trusted her enough to handle such important things says a lot about her abilities and potential. I am completely loving Sutton’s storyline so far both the mistakes and accomplishments, she’s gone from being a complete drunk mess 24/7 with Brooke to being the boss of the fashion department for five days and handling it amazingly, she’s even getting to go to Paris for fashion week! Like that’s HUGE! She’s experienced some major growth, I’m extremely excited to see where the writers take her story.

Thaís: Sutton is my favorite since season one so I couldn’t be happier with the way her story is going, she’s is funny, she’s in not dramatic and her story on scarlet inspiring me in every episode and I love it.

The Bold Type4. Kat got into something she had trouble getting out of. Do you think she moved too quickly on signing the papers?  

Malasha: I was so mad when she didn’t say, “I’ll look over this and get back to you.” But, Kat is very impulsive and it’s a lesson learned on her part. I hope she decides to think more critically before she makes a decision next time. 

Maria: I think it’s in character for Kat to act like she did, without thinking. I would be surprised if she actually read those papers before signing them lol. She is impulsive and hardheaded and she acts very fast, without thinking. But, this is a lesson she needs to learn. We all make mistakes right? And the way she handled it was pretty damn awesome. She makes a lot of mistakes, but this girl knows how to fix them and work around them. That’s why I love her so much.

Alex: Of course she moved quickly. What happened to her is overwhelming, even I would do that without even reading the papers but later on realize that I made the wrong move. But at least she got some information from Pinstripe and got clarification about what the company is really doing.

Montanna: I do think she signed them too quickly but I also understand why she did, we all appreciate compliments especially when someone’s complimenting our hard work & the type of person you are. Kat got caught up in all the praise and the great feeling of being chosen for something like this that she kinda threw caution to the wind. I wish she would’ve told the guy to let her look over it and get back to him but this was also another learning experience for Kat seeing as this was her first time signing a contract like this.

Thaís: Yes I do! When I saw she signed the papers without reading it, I was like: ok, she’s going to make a big mistake. It was true and thank god Jacqueline exists.

The Bold Type5. What are your thoughts on the angle Jane was going for— twenty-somethings who want to start families earlier?

Malasha: I didn’t think the angle fit the generation. I feel as though people have always wanted to start families younger. At first, I felt she was saying it was more of a decision of their own to start families, but some of the women she interviewed didn’t seem like they chose that life. I liked hearing the different perspectives though.

Maria: I personally don’t have any problem with that, as long as the person is emotionally mature enough to go for it. As long as the person is ready for taking such a huge responsibility in her life.

Alex: Well I’m not in a position to judge but people who start their families really early just bothers me because you are young and you have a lot to live for in that age. But then again I’m not in a position to judge and if people do what they think is right for their future then I’m happy for them.

Montanna: I normally love Jane’s ideas but this one just didn’t sit with me right at first, the original pitch about how 20 something-year-old moms do it all was great but the second pitch about babies being the new accessory was pretty weird to me. The angle she ended up with I really liked though, it’s very common now for women to start families earlier than before for multiple different reasons & it was a very interesting & relevant topic for her to explore especially considering her situation.

Thaís: I am a twenty-something and I am not ready to start a family now so I understand the angle and I agonized with her in all episode, is tense and crazy thinking about that and I really appreciate the people who are the same age as me and are starting a family but I can relate the Jane situation.

The Bold Type6. What kind of company do you think Kat will choose to work with?

Malasha: I think she will get with a brand or company that is pro-black and supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. I think this will be a way for her to explore her identity a bit more and learn more about who she truly is. Whichever company she does choose to work with, will help her grow as a person for sure.

Maria: Ugh, I never really thought about it, to be honest. I would love for her to work with some companies they really support LGBTQ+ rights. Beauty products? Not a thing for Kat. At least not from my perspective. So I don’t know, but I am sure that whatever she chooses this time it’s gonna be based on a lot of research, and you know, reading the contract before she signs it? LOL

Alex: Well Kat can really work with anyone or any company. But I can see her working for companies that promote equality and the LGBTQ+ Community.

Montanna: I hope she ends up picking a company that shares her stances on things and is one that she truly loves and believes in as well as one that is both racially inclusive and LGBTQ Inclusive too. When she searched for companies run by black women I was so happy because that’s a part of her & she’s accepted that role model role. As long as she’s happy with the company I don’t really care what type of company it is, I just don’t want her to be used again so I hope she looks very deeply into all of the companies she considers.

Thaís: A company that belonged to a black woman and that she can be herself because she really likes of the products and the proposal.

vThe Bold Type7. What was your favorite part of the episode?

Malasha: My favorite part of the episode was when Sutton got the news that she would be going to Paris! She’s been working so hard this season and she’s become one of my favorite characters. he definitely deserves this. That moment was just so sweet that I teared up a little thinking about how great that feeling must be to accomplish something so big that you’ve wanted for so long. 

Maria: I had two. Kat and Sutton at the playground lol that was hilarious. I wonder if that were Meghann and Aisha improvising and the directors just went with it cause it was so damn funny not to include it into the episode. And the second one was when the girls went “shopping” at the flea market. I really enjoyed that scene. Overall, this episode gave me season 1 vibes, which had been missing for the most part of the season 2. I love that feeling.

Alex: My favorite part if the episode was when Sutton was really happy that she’s going to Paris for Fashion Week, her reaction was priceless.

Montanna: I have a lot of favorite parts, this episode was actually one of my all-time favorite episodes. I laughed so hard at the opening scene especially when Kat told Ben “ You Buy one, you get the other two for free.”

I also loved the “I told you so’s.” Lol, those were so funny, pretty much all the one liners were hilarious.

The flee market shopping & putting together the set scenes were some of my favorite OT3 scenes we’ve seen this season it was just so them you could tell how genuine their friendship is.

The two scenes that broke my heart the most were the scene where Jane told Jacqueline about her BRACA mutation & also the scene where Jane, Kat, and Sutton were discussing what happened when Jane told Ben about everything, the emotion behind that scene was insane and I felt every single word that was said especially when Jane started crying about her mom and you could just see how heartbroken and overwhelmed she was. Those scenes really touched my heart, each character absolutely rocked their parts.

Thaís: Sutton finding out she’s going to Paris Fashion Week, her reaction was funny and relatable.

The Bold TypeEverything isn’t completely fine, but Sutton’s going to Paris, so there’s that

Overall, this was an A+ episode! The writing was great and the characters all seem to be moving in a great direction. Jane always comes to this special place where she has to deal with her mom, but this time she actually went a step further and tried to learn more about her mother than just her medical history. It was a heartbreaking but uplifting thing to watch her grapple with so much this episode. Kat looking into personally supporting companies is a new avenue for her. She’s realizing that being the in her new position as a black woman and a woman apart of the LGBTQ+ community is something that many people want to see. We can’t wait to see what company she decides to support!

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Sutton is on her way to Paris fashion week and we cannot be more excited for her. She is becoming a fan favorite this season and it’s one of the best things! We see her future being so bright. After all of her ups and downs, she deserves all of this reward! We’re excited to see her show her skills during Paris fashion week!

The Bold Type returns Tuesday, July 31st on Freeform.

We’re going to Paris, so you might want to catch up!

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