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The Last Of Us: Part 2 reveals trailer way ahead of E3 2017.

Naughty Dog decided to show off the trailer for its flagship’s next installment at PSX instead.

For days, sources had been claiming that Naughty Dog, the Sony-owned studio, would reveal the sequel to 2013’s critical and commercial hit at PlayStation Experience. While many believed this rumor to be accurate, no one was willing to confirm it as E3 still remains the larger – and more buzzworthy – event. Even though the developer had not been a part of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2016, they were always assumed to make a triumphant comeback in 2017. While fans were holding their breath, skeptics were proven wrong when Naughty Dog brought back Ellie early, at PlayStation’s annual event.

According to Neil Druckmann, creative director at Naughty Dog, they chose to drop the trailer at PSX simply because “there was no other option” as he claimed being there with the fans was much more important than merely the scale of the event. Druckmann did say they would be part of E3 in 2017 and could expect some of the gameplay to be revealed at the expo.

Have we seen the last of Joel?

So far, no official release date has been set and speculation surrounding the plot has been running wild. While almost four minutes long, the trailer doesn’t give away too much of the sequel’s story. The eerie clip shows Ellie hungry for revenge having a conversation with Joel – who appears to be a figment of her imagination. We won’t know for sure what has happened to them until the game is released somewhere in 2017.

Check out the trailer below!

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