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The Magicians Unite! And Get Their Sea Legs!

The Magicians

The Magicians Unite! And Get Their Sea Legs!

“It’s magic. On deck.”

The show that is impossible to define gets ready for an all new direction going into their third season! New challenges will be presented that cause each character to grow in response. The cast and crew all gathered to discuss the game changer that was their season two finale. Chris Hardwick even referred to the magical show as the new Buffy. Now THAT’S a compliment!

To show just how far they’re willing to go, showrunners have put our cast on a boat for season three. The show will return to SYFY in 2018 and will bring a whole new selection of music with it!

“There is no genre that The Magicians isn’t.”

Eliot and Margo will be having some very intense discussions coming in season three as well.

The cast and crew made it known how grateful they are to the fans for all of their support.

“I know we’re a successful show, but it still amazes me how many people are in here.”

The cast spoke about how much fun every single episode brings them.

“The thrill of the show is that we’re always in these extraordinary circumstances.”

The cast also spoke to fans about the beauty of not only being in the show, but watching it as well.

“We all need to believe in a little magic.”

The cast know their characters so well, and loved answering fan questions!

“I’m a one and done half Jew. I like a club soda. Eliot would take an Old Fashioned.”

If you thought season two of The Magicians was magical, you haven’t seen anything yet! Nothing can prepare you for what’s coming in season three!

Chris Hardwick referred to Fillory as Sexy Narnia.”

“Eliot’s sexuality is referred to as very fluid.”

“I’m really bad at tutting so I just do nipple twisting.”

Check out this sneak peek at the third season of The Magicians!

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THE MAGICIANS returns in 2018 on SYFY.


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