Join the Resistance: Interviews with Cast and Creative Team of “The Man in the High Castle” at SDCC 2018

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Join the Resistance: Interviews with Cast and Creative Team of “The Man in the High Castle” at SDCC 2018

The Man in the High Castle

Join the Resistance: We Sit Down with the Cast and Creative Team of “The Man in the High Castle”

The cast and creative team of “The Man in the High Castle” came to San Diego Comic Con to discuss season 3 for release on Amazon Prime Video. We had the chance to chat with Rufus Sewell (Obergruppenführer John Smith), Alexa Davalos (Juliana Crain), Jason O’Mara (Wyatt Price) and executive producers Dan Percival and Isa Dick Hackett as well as attend their long awaited about the past two seasons and what’s coming up this season on the alternate world mind-bender.

1. The show was given a release date as well as a season 4 pickup all at once!

Fans of the show have been waiting a long time for season three and it looks like the wait is almost over. At the panel it was announced that the new season will stream October 5th. Why the wait? Isa Dick Hackett said, “Amazon gave us the time we needed to do it right.” This drew great fan approval. She did apologize for the wait! They even announced the show had been picked up for season 4. Maybe a little less of a wait this time?

2. Obergruppenführer John Smith has some tough times ahead as he continues to grasp for power to stay afloat.

John Smith is going to be thrown into turmoil in season 3. His son was exposed and him turning himself in just makes Smith more of a hero. He has to double down to stay in power because there’s no retiring from the Nazi party and he’s done some things that would put him and his family at risk. His relationship will his wife will also be tested due to the situation with their son. And Smith will also become rather obsessed with the idea of other worlds. Stay tuned for why!

3. The show is taking a much deeper dive into the sci-fi genre, and it comes from a surprising place

Creator Isa Dick Hackett told us that we weren’t finished with Philip K. Dick’s contribution to the show. There will be more sci-fi this season as the show takes a deep dive into the multiverses. This was based on an idea from Dick himself who had finished two chapters of a sequel to the original novel. What happens when Nazis don’t just want to conquer their own world, but all of the others?

4. Jason O’Mara will play a new character, Wyatt Price, an Irishman from the neutral zone

Wyatt Price is an Irishman who has had to flee the Nazis and settle in neutral zone around Denver. He might even be a bit of a smuggler. When he meets Juliana Crain his life turns upside down (as does hers). The two of them have a rather intense meeting (this has love interest written all over it) and the two of them journey down the path of resistance. Will things be smooth sailing for Juliana and Wyatt? We doubt it.

5. After alienating almost everyone, Juliana finds her sister and joins the resistance. Will she find a home there?

Juliana was no longer welcome in the Pacific States. She’s no longer welcome in the Greater Nazi Reich. And she didn’t have many friends in the resistance either. But Hawthorne, the man in the high castle himself, has plans for Juliana. She’s always important and she’s always going to be important. Season 3 will unpack why as Juliana dives deeper into the resistance.

What will the future hold for Juliana in season 3? Will she continue to push to have more agency in her life and be more in charge of her own story? What will John Smith’s relationship to his family be like, especially his wife, now that he has ostensibly lost his son? Keep tweeting about the show using #HighCastle and now with their new hashtag #ResistanceRises.

The Man in the High Castle Season 3 Trailer

The Man in the High Castle Season 1 and 2 Refresher, for those of you who don’t have the time for a full binge of the entire series (although we recommend one!)

Rufus Sewell:

Dan Percival and Isa Dick Hackett:

Alexa Davalos and Jason O’Mara:

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