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The Orville Experience at San Diego Comic-Con

The Orville Experience at San Diego Comic-Con is a fan museum fun time!

Costumes from The Orville Experience

When the folks at The Orville want to get something done, they get it done! With not a whole lot of time the producers of the show have pulled together an experience for fans that’s part costume/prop museum, part Instagrammable fun time.

From creator Seth MacFarlane:

“After completing two seasons of The Orville and witnessing the wonderfully gratifying audience response, I decided I wanted to bring something directly to the fans this year — and there’s no better place to do it than San Diego Comic-Con. I’m so proud of the work of our creative team, who bring this show to life with all of their incredible costumes and props, make-up and practical FX that are so unique and specific to The Orville. We figured our fans would love to see all of it firsthand, so we pulled together an extensive collection directly from the set, and created The Orville Experience. We look forward to showcasing it this weekend for as many fans as possible.”

The experience was designed to be fan friendly, as you can get up close and personal with the props and costumes of The Orville. We mean it, too. The costumes weren’t behind glass which allowed us to get up close and personal with some of the gorgeous details.

Other things fans can check out are concept art, an array of props and weapons you can pose with, a boomerang with one of show’s aliens, and our personal favorite, a model of The Orville used to film the show. And she is a beauty!

The Orville model ship

Fans should also be on the lookout for drop ins from the cast, executive producers, and members of the show’s creative team. The Orville Experience is open to all – no badges required! Head over to the Carnation Building at 1051 J Street on Friday from 10am-8pm & Saturday from 10am-8pm to check out all the fun!

Tom Costantino, producer of The Orville, VFX producer Brooke Noska, and some crazy redhead (it’s me).
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