Fan Expo 2017: Alan Tudyk On Con Man, Voice Work, And Loving His Fans

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Fan Expo 2017: Alan Tudyk On Con Man, Voice Work, And Loving His Fans

Alan Tudyk Con Man at Fan Expo Dallas

“Yeah, you know, any kind of obsession is alright.  I definitely don’t mind it.  Anybody who is a fan of something I’ve done…that’s extra.”

If you’re a fan of anything nerdy or geeky and say you haven’t heard of the phenomenal Alan Tudyk, then you’re wrong.  Even if you’re not familiar with the cult fan obsession Firefly or not a Jedi who loves Rogue One, you’ve either seen or heard him on screen.  He’s contributed to more than one Joss Whedon show and lent his voice to countless animated films and TV shows.  Most recently, he became the creator/writer/director/star of the comedy web series Con Man.  As if that’s not enough, he is also starring on the NBC DC Comics show Powerless.

Whew!  With all of that going on, you would think Alan would be too busy to bother with making the convention rounds, but that’s exactly the opposite of what he does.  Fan Expo Dallas held a Con Man Q&A with Alan, co-producer PJ Haarsma, and co-star Nolan North, and it was – predictably – hilarious.  After showing the audience the clip from Con Man season two where they perform Of Mice and Men (otherwise apparently known as They Dun Killed the Dog) as a musical.  When the audio and video ended up out of sync for the entire clip, he and Nolan had this to say:

The dynamic trio also discussed the season finale of Con Man, talking about how Alan’s character Wray Nerely ends up at Shock-A-Con (say it out loud really fast, you’ll giggle!) and does a hilariously botched mic drop.  It’s announced that he’s been offered a lead role in Doctor Cop Lawyer, which Alan then proceeds to explain was inspired by his own obsession with procedural shows:

One of the things that we do know is that Alan loves his fans, and he understands just how important it is to connect to them.  Alan himself explains it best:

When it came time for audience Q&A, one of the first questions Alan was asked was if he ever planned on releasing an album, given his displays of musical talent both singing and playing guitar on Con Man.  His response?

On a more serious note, Alan provided an explanation for why his character Hoben Washburne, or Wash, had to die in the movie Serenity.  As director Joss Whedon explained it to him, Mal made it clear that their mission was essentially a suicide mission.  Hear Alan talk more about it below:

With the moderator reminding the audience that Alan was doing a more general panel discussion on Sunday and to please keep questions to Con Man, an audience member pondered where the description “wolf urine and brie” came from when describing the alien monster costume Nolan North had to wear in season one episode three.  See Nolan’s hilarious response below:

While we wish we could go through a minute-by-minute replay of the Con Man panel from today, we hope that you enjoyed these tidbits from the discussion!  Better yet, as Alan smoothly suggested, go out and binge watch Con Man seasons one and two, and catch him on NBC’s Powerless Thursdays at 8:30/7:30PM CST!

There’s still one more day of fun at Fan Expo Dallas 2017, so be sure to join us and follow us Instagram, Twitter, and, Snapchat @hellonerdeek 

Fan Expo Dallas runs from March 31 – April 2, 2017. Tickets are $95 for a Deluxe 3-Day Pass, while Premium and VIP passes have already sold out. Day passes are also available for each of the three days: $30 for 4pm to 9pm Friday, $55 for 10am to 7pm Saturday, and $45 for 10am to 5pm Sunday. For more details, check out the Fan Expo Dallas official website.

Don’t forget to keep a watch out for our Fan Expo Dallas 2017 Review. We break it down for the ones who attended and the ones who want to make it for the future.

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