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Fan Expo Dallas 2017: WB Stars Heading to the Lone Star State

The Vampires Diaries, Arrow, and Gotham Brings Drama to Dallas

With the increasing popularity of comic conventions all over the country, several Texas conventions are doing their part to bring geeks together.  For Fan Expo Dallas, prior guests have included the near complete cast of Firefly, Star Trek TNG favorites, Doctors and companions alike, and of course, the legendary Stan Lee, attendees expect a lot of the upcoming 2017 convention.  With the state motto that “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” in mind, the Dallas convention is getting ready for another year of bringing fan favorites down to the sunny south.

Two of our favorite vampires will also be joining the lineup when the Salvatore brothers descend on Dallas, smoldering hotter than the Texas sun.  Ian Somerhalder, known previously to Lost fans as Boone, currently stars as Damon Salvatore in the beloved television series The Vampire Diaries.  With his brother Stefan, portrayed by the equally stunning Paul Wesley, by his side, we are sure to see a bevy of willing victims hoping for a moment with the duo.

Just announced this week is the return of Robin Lord Taylor to Texas, with acting credits in Accepted, Would You Rather, and Another Earth.  Currently known to fans as Oswald Cobblepot of Gotham fame, it will be interesting if this is a sneak peek at the guests to come.

John Barrowman, best known for his role as Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and Torchwood, will be returning to bring his unique brand of hilarity and stories from the sets.  His latest endeavor is playing Malcolm Merlyn in the WB’s Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

Of course, no convention would be complete without a visit from the iconic Transylvanian Dr. Frank-N-Furter himself, the legendary and uber-talented Tim Curry.  His numerous accomplishments include lead roles in movies such as Rocky Horror Picture Show, Clue, The Three Musketeers, and Charlie’s Angels, multiple theatre and Broadway appearances in London and New York, and prolific voice work in animated shows.  His cameo as the criminologist in Fox’s live action Rocky Horror Picture Show delighted fans, and his appearance in Dallas will no doubt draw quite the eclectic cosplay crowd.

Fan Expo Dallas will be held at the Dallas Convention Center from March 31st to April 2, 2017.  Tickets are already available online here.

Source: Fan Expo Dallas


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