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Legion: “It’s very important the show not be a gimmick.”


Legion: “It’s very important the show not be a gimmick.”

The cast and crew of Legion were hilarious but careful with their San Diego Comic Con panel responses

Thursday’s Legion panel at San Diego Comic Con was certainly eventful, and we learned a lot of information about what goes on behind the scenes and a little about the upcoming season. The second season of Legion will be ten episodes long and begin sometime early next year. As of right now, season two has not yet begun filming.

Jeph Loeb, Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, Noah Hawley, and the rest of the cast and crew behind Legion were careful not to reveal too much information, remaining non-committal over whether Professor X may show up in a flashback. They did, however, tell us a lot about what goes on behind the scenes and how they feel about the characters.

“What makes Marvel different is that characters start out as regular people with crap lives.” -Jeph Loeb

Jean Smart gave us some comedic insight into Melanie’s headspace, revealing that,

“Melanie is in love with a popsicle and hasn’t had sex in twenty years, so she’s moody.”

In regards to Lenny’s storyline, Aubrey Plaza revealed that,

“Transforming Lenny into the Shadow King was a wild ride.”

We did get a small bit of insight into the upcoming season, when it was revealed that there are more flashbacks to come:

“We know David’s story pretty well now but there are other characters whose story we will get through flashbacks.”

We also learned a little about what’s to come for Oliver:

“We will find out more about Oliver and how he knew more about David than expected.”

Speaking of David, we learned a little about the origin of “the face”:

“When David makes “the face” he approaches it in a grounded and organic way that comes straight from the comics.”

Best of all, Noah Hawley spoke about the importance of accurately representing mental illness.

“It’s very important that the show not be a gimmick pretending to be a comic story telling a story of mental illness.”

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Legion will return early next year on FX.

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