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The Originals: The Cast Celebrates the End

“I feel a little sad that Joseph is not going to learn as much about acting being away from me.” -Daniel Gillies

When show creator and executive producer Julie Plec announced that The Originals would be ending after its 5th season, many fans were devastated. Us included. This announcement came right before our favorite original family was to descend upon Comic-Con and now we know that this will be the last appearance for The Originals. With Andy Swift moderating in attendance for the panel was; Charles Michael Davis, Julie Plec, Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Yusuf Gatewood, and Riley Voelkel.

When this cast gets together hijinks ensue and it’s hard for them to remain serious. We’ve already learned that there will be an 8-10 year time jump so that means there will be a new actress playing Hope Mikaelson.  We also learned that Candice King will reprise her role as Caroline Forbes-Salvatore at least for the pilot episode, however, Julie would like to see her for more than one episode. Julie is also leaving the door open for whomever else wants to drop by. Dead or Alive.

Julie and the cast are all glad that they get to have this final season to finish the story and say goodbye. Not only to their characters but to each other. However, Plec isn’t ruling out the possibility for additional spin-offs in the future.

The panel was absolutely hilarious and even emotional at times. Daniel Gillies even shed a tear! See our highlights below!

When asked about Caroline returning:

“Caroline can be a boost for Klaus in a time when he needs it the most.” -Julie Plec

“It just feels right.” – Joseph Morgan

Only the 1st episode has been written, but we did learn this about a future episode:

“Joey gets to direct the third episode titled ‘All Elijah All the Time.’” -Julie Plec

Andy asked the cast: What will you take with you when this is all over?

“I feel very proud and humble to have worked with everyone for so long and know everyone so well. I know I’ll probably never have another experience like this again.” -Phoebe Tonkin

“The sense of joy, I’ve never been with such a group of people so willing to laugh. There were long days and there was always a sense of humor. Other than the incredible sense of peace I feel whenever Joseph Morgan is not in a scene with me.” -Daniel Gillies

“All of my wardrobe, there are excellent and expensive clothes. My directors chair with my name on it. Half of Gillies wardrobe and a sense of satisfaction because we started in another show (Daniel says and we ruined that one).”- Joseph Morgan

“I’ve grown with these guys and I’ve prayed for this experience. I just want to work with people that I respect and love and I respect and love these guys.” – Charles Michael Davis

Who is the most fun on the cast outside of work?

“Riley always finds the best dance bars in Atlanta.” -Julie Plec

As you can tell that panel was a ball of laughs! We imagine the set is just as fun! See below for the highlight reel and sneak peak look video at season 5 that was released today at Comic-Con!

There’s one more day of fun at San Diego Comic Con 2017, so be sure to join us and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat @HelloNerdeek.

THE ORIGINALS will return in 2018 on THE CW.

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