Stan Lee Dishes On Favorite Cameo Appearance

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Stan Lee Dishes On Favorite Cameo Appearance

“I’ll tell you why in case you haven’t figured it out…it was the only cameo I’ve had that had two scenes.”

The Legendary Stan Lee is known for creating some of comics’ most memorable superheroes, many of whom have catapulted Marvel Comics into box office history. However, comic con attendees also know that he has unending dedication and loyalty to his fans. Despite having promised to retire from the convention circuit every year for the past few years, Stan has shown up to as many as he can handle. Fans were worried after he had recently canceled an appearance in Illinois because of illness, but today Fan Expo Dallas guests were treated to a Q&A panel only Stan the Man can deliver. Upon arriving onto the stage to a standing ovation, Stan lightheartedly jokes:

“I go to so many panels and Q&As that I get kind of confused. This is the panel to discuss DC Comics, right?”

Stan goes on to joke with the moderator about his selective hearing, quipping that he wishes he didn’t have to share his “minor failings.” When he is teased about the old days of comics and how his superheroes didn’t even wear spandex, he answered

“They couldn’t afford them. Besides, why are we assuming they are spandex? Isn’t that promoting the product? Maybe it was polyester or something else that they wore.”

With this being his last scheduled appearance in Texas, audiences were quickly given the chance to ask the famed creator a series of questions. After being asked about his favorite cameo, Stan dished on his “magnificent performance” in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where the Hulk is having a drink (sorry, Stan, it was actually Thor). See the clips below:

With his quick wit and self-deprecating humor, it’s no wonder that people flock to his Q&As whenever they can!

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