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Carry On, Supernatural Sons and Wayward Sisters


Carry On, Supernatural Sons and Wayward Sisters

Carry on my Wayward Son

San Diego Comic Con kicked off its final day with the rallying cries of Supernatural’s devoted fans, as well as its cast and crew. There’s no sleepy Sundays at Comic Con — just Supernatural Sundays. And this one was full of surprises!

Panelists for the day included stars Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), a surprise Misha Collins (Castiel), as well as executive producers Bob Singer and Andrew Dabb. Moderating the panel was show guest stars Richard Speight Jr (Gabriel) and Rob Benedict (God).

Before the panel even started, things began with a surprise live performance from the band Kansas. As Supernatural fans know, Kansas’ song, “Carry on Wayward Son” is Supernatural’s iconic official/unofficial show theme.

The panel then carried on with an added Misha Collins. Fans asked questions about Season 12’s finale, including Castiels’s death! Singer joked on why they killed Castiel:

Frankly, Misha had become a prima donna, wanted to be number one on the call sheet.

And what of Mary? Well, spoiler alert: she’s alive! Sam’s quest at the beginning of season 13 will be finding a way to bring her back.

Let’s find mom.

Carry On Wayward Sisters

Big news also broke about Supernatural’s potential spin-off, Wayward Sisters.

The introduction of the Wayward Sisters is set to happen during Season 13 of Supernatural. Heading the cast will Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills), who plays a close friend of the Winchesters and foster mother to some of the Wayward Sisters.

The rest of the cast includes Briana Buckmaster (Sheriff Donna Hanscum), Jody’s right hand woman, and the Wayward Sisters: Kathryn Newton as Claire Novak, Katherine Ramdeen as Alex Jones, and Clark Backo as Patience Turner, a new character to the universe.

In other casting news, it was revealed that Loretta Devine will return to Supernatural as psychic Missouri Moseley.

Fans were also treated to a Season 12 refresher trailer — complete with Metallica! Check it out below:

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