The 10 Best Twitter Reactions to the #FyreFestival Fiasco!

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The 10 Best Twitter Reactions to the #FyreFestival Fiasco!

As a massive music festival get-away for the rich and famous crashed and burned spectacularly, tweeters swarmed out to comment - hilariously 

#FyreFestival Gets Set on Fire Almost Immediately

If there’s anything the rich and famous are known for, it’s opulence and extravagance. Only the best, and only the most expensive. So it must not have seemed shady to the mega-rich when a massive music festival, promising the world – including high-class meals and luxury accommodations – hit social media. Tickets ranged from $1,000 and $12,000. I mean, I’m just assuming this didn’t seem shady, since I’m one of those humble folks that can’t afford to blow twelve grand on a music festival, but still, bear with me.

It turned out to be the shock to those attending when Fyre Festival turned into a massive trainwreck. Disaster relief tents for accommodations, no food or water, and the entire experience devolving quickly into a modern Lord of the Flies.

So! What follows are the ten best tweets on the massive boondoggle that was Fyre Festival. Enjoy!

1. Sometimes, the really really rich can be really really dumb

Okay, people can be gullible. We’ve all been had at one point or another. You get ripped off by a street vendor, or any other situation. It happens. Most importantly, it happens to all of us – rich and poor. The thing is, sometimes, when there’s no lasting, real harm and when the situation is absurd enough, the whole matter can be really, really freakin’ hilarious.

2. There are people with real problems out there. People who went to Fyre Festival are not them.

The world’s in chaos. We have whispers of war on the Korean peninsula, and a massive and horrific refugee crisis, and a region-shattering civil war in Syria directly fueling that refugee crisis. So can you really blame someone for poking fun at sheltered rich kids being upset that their ridiculously over-hyped too-good-to-be-true music festival turned out to be a hilarious trash fire in reality? The answer is no. No you can’t.

3. Fyre Festival is basically if Joanne the Scammer had unlimited resources to pull off the perfect scam

Joanne the Scammer, for those unaware, is an Internet character created by comedian and former pornstar Branden Miller. Joanne’s never met a scam she didn’t like, and she isn’t just good at scamming people – it’s what she was made for.

As this tweeter clearly perceives, if this was a scam and not a hilarious show of collective incompetence, then Ja Rule pulled off something that would make Joanne the Scammer herself weep tears of pride and admiration. Well done, Ja. Well done.

4. Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you are smart, or even competent, or even have basic childlike reasoning skills, when it comes to money

We’ve all made stupid decisions, or almost made stupid decisions, particularly when it comes to money. I mean, I almost spent multiple hundreds of dollars at once on X-Men comics. But you’d think – you’d really think – that those with lots and lots and lots of money would be smart with it. I mean, one would assume that a person would have to be at least decent with money to get and keep lots of it, right?

Yeah, you’d be bone-crushingly wrong.

5. We finally know what happens when rich people have everything taken away from them – literally Lord of the Flies

Humanity has its dark spots. This much is certain to any student of history. Humanity, incidentally, also has a rich history of schadenfreude – which is to say, people gaining pleasure or amusement out of another’s misfortune. In some instances, schadenfreude is unwarranted, like if someone is actually suffering or if there’s loss of life. In others, though – such as, say, when a bunch of rich kids seem to abandon their humanity because everything that could go wrong did go wrong at an over-hyped music festival – sorry, but then it’s actually really hilarious, and good.

6. Sheltered rich kids don’t fare so well when they’re no longer being sheltered

Having lots of money doesn’t make you better than everyone else that doesn’t have as much money as you. This is basic common sense. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way, and there has been a troubling trend for the past twenty to thirty years for the mega-rich to be disconnected from the ordinary, everyday experiences of struggling working class people. Some of these rich types, unfortunately, can be kind of jerks about it.

So, and I’m just gonna be real with you here – keeping in mind what, say, a single mother on welfare has to go through every day just to survive, it’s just really funny to see sheltered rich kids melt down because the music festival they shelled out thousands of dollars for isn’t what they thought it would be.

7. The social media rituals of rich millennials are odd and strange

I imagine if you, dear reader, and I were sitting down over coffee, or tea, or what have you, and just having a friendly chat, that the conversation may drift to rich millennials. I would then say something like, “Apparently if rich celebrities on Instagram and social media, in general, promote something, that’s like gold to rich kids. Like, to them, that’s the seal of legitimacy.” You would then say, “Come on. No one’s gonna shell out thousands of dollars for this or that just because Kendall Jenner or whoever posts about it on Instagram.”

Well. Um.

8. Rich people being dumb with their money gets even funnier when what they spent their money on turns into a massive nightmare-ish disaster

As we’ve mentioned before – and repeat after me on this – JUST BECAUSE. YOU HAVE. LOTS OF MONEY. DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE SMART WITH IT.

I mean, if Fyre Festival had gone off without a hitch, it’d still be funny – in a way – because at the end of the day, the people going still paid thousands and thousands of dollars to go to a music festival. But the fact that it turned into a massive dystopian trainwreck turned this from “Bleh, stupid rich people” to “Oh my God this is the most hilarious thing imaginable.”

9. You literally cannot look away from this. You can’t.

Fyre Festival is so many things. A lesson on the gullibility of human beings, a vivid realization of the horrific class divide between the richest of the world and those who have nothing, and, yes, an utterly hilarious boondoggle dripping with schadenfreude.

What unites us all, though, in peering in at Fyre Festival from the outside is that, like all train wrecks, it’s trapped us. Our gazes are fixed on it, unable to be broken off. We are forced, prisoners of this reality, to look on it and wonder – marvel – at the sheer spectacle and absolute hilarity of a bunch of rich kids getting trapped on a deserted island and having their experience devolve into Lord of the Flies with them paying tens of thousands of dollars for it all to boot.

10. Ja Rule is actually, when you think about it, a hero of the Communist Revolution

Throwing the wealthy classes of American life into gulags has been a blowing-off-steam joke casually traded around in socialist corners of the Internet for years. What’s funny about this situation is that, when you look at it in a certain way, Fyre Festival basically was a gulag for rich people. No way off the island. Crap food. Disaster relief tents for accommodations. So it was that the dream of embittered Marxists everywhere came true for a few glorious days and nights.

Thank you, Comrade Ja. Thank you.

What have we learned? What’s the lesson here? Be smart with your money? Rich people having the tables turned on them can be darkly hilarious? It’s lots of things. But if you, dear reader, are one of those folks who has lots of cash to blow, and is looking for a good time, I’d say this: be an extra bit more careful with what you throw money at. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Trust me: it’s not fun to end up as a meme.

Stay frosty, folks!


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