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The 100: Tasla Teles is now a series regular!

We got our first hints at how the six year separation will affect our favorite delinquents

The cast of The CW’s hit TV series The 100 gathered in room B20 today to discuss the upcoming season of the show. They also shared a new sizzle reel with clips from the upcoming season! The 100 chronicles the lives of one hundred juvenile delinquents sent to survive on a post-apocalyptic Earth. The series stars Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, and Lindsey Morgan.

The panel was hilarious and insightful, and full of new information regarding the upcoming season. We listed some of the highlights below!

“It’s a dream job” – Lindsey Morgan on playing Raven

The cast confirmed what was revealed in the finale:

“There is a six year time jump.”

We also learned a little about the mysterious ship:

“The prison ship is from Earth, our time, pre Apocalypse. Cryo freeze.”

And Bellamy? He’s aged a bit.

“Bellamy has grown up a bit in 6 years.”

If you’re wondering about who is behind the show’s incredible stunts, look no further:

“The cast does 80-90% of their own stunts.”

And, yes, Clarke is a mother to the girl we saw in the finale.

“Clarke is now a Mom and she and her daughter have pretty much been alone on the surface for 6 years.”

Other notable highlights:

We will get to see Raven doing combat.

Tasla Teles, who plays Echo, is now a series regular!

Harper is Monty’s lifeline.

Check out the 100 sizzle reel, which was released at the panel!

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THE 100 returns EARLY 2018 on THE CW.

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