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The best games to play with your significant other.

Depending on your relationship status, you might want to consider playing one of these games.

Have you ever had that feeling of sweet love that makes you want to involve your partner in everything you do? You go on walks together, you go see their favorite band and… You whoop their ass at a video game of their choosing. Whether you classify as an avid gamer the occasional amateur, chances are you’ve wanted to take your relationship to the next level by plugging in an extra controller – exposing your true Nerdeek to them.

Depending on your relationship status, there are a few games we can recommend. If you’ve just started dating, it’s probably best to stick to co-ops. If, on the other hand, you think you’re ready for the ultimate test, you can go head to head with your partner by taking on the competitive multiplayer modes.

Below is a list of games that you can play based on the kind of relationship you’re in. But remember, just because you can play them doesn’t mean you should play them. (*)

#1: Kingdom Hearts – 1st date.

When you’re crushing on someone but don’t know that it’s mutual yet, do not take a chance. Don’t plug in that second controller just yet but let them fawn over your gaming skills instead. Kingdom Hearts is the perfect game to play on a first date: no one really outgrows their love for Disney and there’s nothing cuter than fighting against the Heartless with Mickey Mouse and friends. Apart from the adorable storyline, the score is a romantic masterpiece as well.

#2: Any Lego game – First kiss.

Finally ready to share the spotlight? Go slow with a nostalgia-filled title and don’t fight each other just yet. Lego games appeal to almost everyone: as they’re set in recognizable pop-culture-universes. You’ll be able to play as your favorite character while you take out the bad guys together. The games are funny & colorful with the characters literally falling apart as they get hit. Giggles are ensured.

#3: Super Smash Bros. – First anniversary.

As your significant other becomes familiar with the ins and outs of gaming, it will be fun to see how they measure up to you in a first one-on-one fight. Super Smash Bros. is the perfect title to first battle each other as it’s both challenging and fun in its own right. The familiar characters help break the ice when the two of you finally step into the ring. But remember: don’t be a sore winner – or loser.

#4: Portal 2 – When you’ve lost your spark.

So it has happened. You guys have gotten stuck in a rut and you feel like the passion has subsided. You’re not sure what to do in order to reignite the flame because you have lost the original spark. Don’t be an idiot – don’t go off playing video games with someone else. Instead, just reinvent the relationship! Throw off your daily routines and empower yourselves by playing Portal 2. With a female lead, your girlfriend will fall for you all over again when she discovers that you’re actually a feminist. That kind of girl power along with the challenging puzzles are enough to keep you guys working together for months to come. Crisis averted.

 #5: Mario Kart – Well after marriage.

You’ve weathered the storm and reignited the flame. You’ve come to appreciate each other as people – and as gamers. It’s no longer “The Pro” vs. “The Noob” because you’re equals now. Passing the test of time means that you can bring out the big guns. Mario Kart seems like an innocent game with adorable characters and vehicles but it’s actually a dealbreaker in disguise. While cute on the outside, the competition is real. When you’re proud of your spouse for beating you instead of harping about your bruised ego,  you know you’ve got something real. Always throw out shells and banana peels but keep the love – even when you feel like you’re driving down Rainbow Road.

Whether you win or lose, remember to have fun. Both on and off-screen.

If none of these games seem to fit your situation, then that’s perfectly alright. Every relationship is different and so is every game. If you’re unsure on how to proceed at any given time, here are some general pointers:

  • Hands-on games.
    These almost always bring out laughter. Whether you have two right feet (try “Just Dance”) or want to rock out to your favorite band (“Guitar Hero”), there’s something to be had for everyone. If you get nostalgic, why not try an older game such as “Duck Hunt”? It might seem dated at first, but we guarantee you that you’ll bond over that annoying dog that keeps making fun of you.
  • Button Bashing.
    If you’re in a state of frustration with your partner, then you might want to consider a game in which you can beat them regardless of the controls. Grab an oldie such as Tekken or Mortal Combat and just bash away are your controller. You might pull off a combo and get to “finish him” – in whatever way you want.

Let us know in the comments what games you love to play with your significant other!

* DISCLAIMER: Nerdeek is in no way responsible for relationships that are ruined by competitive gameplay.




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