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Don’t be a Padawan. Be a Jedi Master! How to prepare for San Diego Comic Con like a pro

So the whole squad got badges for San Diego Comic Con…congrats! The hardest part is over and the official countdown begins! Now it’s time to dig in and prepare for the most epic weekend if your nerd life.

First time at San Diego Comic Con? Or are you still overwhelmed from last year? Don’t worry. We have a whole crew of veterans here to help. Now you can prepare like a seasoned Jedi.

Returning Registration is over, but the marathon to July is just beginning. For those of you that failed acquiring badges this morning, don’t lose hope! Open Registration may be even more of a battle but there are things you can do to help your odds.

Tackle Open Registration with a team. 

Going in with a team of people is the best option. Each person that gets passed the waiting room can purchase badges for three people, including themselves. You always want to have at least one fall back person that can purchase a badge for you in case you don’t get in. And if someone else does get you a badge, keep your browser open until everyone in your team gets a badge. Make sure everyone has a list of Member IDs, last names and credit card numbers ready. And remember, NEVER refresh your page.

After Registration

It’s time to start thinking about hotels. Although they haven’t posted the hotel lottery yet, some of us book hotel room prior to the lottery, just in case. It is more expensive, but it’s just a back up plan. Make sure it’s a reservation that you can cancel if you do get anything in the hotel lottery.

Now, if the hotel lottery system remains the same as the last few years, they will release a PDF list on the website ahead of the lottery date. Take some time to go through the list and here are some things to keep in mind. Your budget. Location. Transportation to the convention center. Finding Roommates. Once the hotel information is posted we will go through a more detailed checklist on how to tackle the lottery with success, but when it comes to SDCC, you can never be too prepared.

Gear Up!

It may only be March, but the more time you have to make sure all your gear is assembled, the better. So make sure you have all the superhero attire and camera accessories that you need. It’s better to space out your purchases then leave them all to the last minute and it cuts into your spending budget at the convention. Taking food with you is always a great money saving option. Something that can easily be packed into a purse or backpack. The food inside the convention center is expensive and the lines are always long. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in the area, but many of them are pricey. I generally try to only actually purchase one meal a day. And take a refillable water bottle with you.

Follow the SDCC blog and Twitter for updates!

The Toucan blog is a great source of information. Check it weekly for news and tips. And make sure you are receiving the update emails for open registration, the hotel lottery and other news. If you are not, you can change your settings after signing into your Member ID on the website. Following the official SDCC twitter (@Comic_Con) is also recommended.

Follow us for updates, checklists and more!

Follow our twitter (@hellonerdeek) and check our website regularly for news, schedule updates, and how to lists if you are new to the convention life. We have plenty of Jedi Masters over here that are always ready to pass on their wisdom to young Padawan learners. Over the next few months we will arm you to the teeth so you will be prepared for anything that comes at you. San Diego Comic Con is the mecca of pop culture conventions, and we want to make sure you are prepared to enjoy it to the fullest.

So let the training begin!

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